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Identical wiggles

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Gabriel Baryard
Identical wiggles
on Jun 22, 2011 at 11:50:46 pm


This is my first time posting on creative cow so please forgive me if this is answered somewhere already.

I have two elements in a composition that I need to wiggle together in the exact same way. I tried parenting the one element to the element that already has the wiggle effect applied to it but the wiggle does not get inherited at all. I want to avoid using an adjustment layer over just those two elements because when it wiggles I get clipping and it looks terrible unless I scale up to compensate, but then I lose resolution. Please help. How can I get two elements to wiggle together?


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Paul Roper
Re: Identical wiggles
on Jun 23, 2011 at 1:06:21 am

If your wiggle effect is applied to the position of the first object, then anything parented to it (ie. the child of the first object) should inherit the wiggle. Is the wiggle applied to an effect within the first object? To get the second object to inherit an effect, you'd have to apply the same effect to the second layer and use some expressions to link the parameters.

You could also use an expression to link the position of the second object to the first one; just option-click (or alt-click on a PC) the keyframe stopwatch next to 'position' on the second object, then using the curly pickwhip, select the position of the first object. The child object's position should then say something like:

thisComp.layer("parent object").transform.position

If you want to add an offset, you could do something like this (in the second/child object's position):

x = thisComp.layer("parent object").transform.position[0];
y = thisComp.layer("parent object").transform.position[1];
[x, y+50]

This will place the child object at the same x position as the parent, but 50 pixels below it (the "y+50").

Hope that helps.

- Paul

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Gabriel Baryard
Re: Identical wiggles
on Jun 25, 2011 at 5:20:32 am

Thanks for the replies, guys.

So using the pick whip to parent the position didn't work because I'm using the "wigglerama" effect, which for some reason doesn't effect the position parameters in the twirl down.

I learned from the video that if you apply the same wiggle expression to two different layers you'll get the exact same result. This is what I'm looking to do by using the wiggle effects. Are expressions the only way to achieve this result? If so is there an expression that would mimic entirely the "wigglerama" effect?


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