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Looping animation not video

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gary JarvisLooping animation not video
by on May 12, 2011 at 2:16:11 pm


I am trying to short loop (45 secs) an animation, the animation is part of a longer (4mins) animation that I am working on. The different parts within the animation have been imported as layers from photoshop, I have set up the frames to loop in the timeline only, I do not want to cut/paste or keep duping.

I have watched a couple of vids, one uses looping of vids and opening "interpret footage" which does not work for me (it's grey) as I am not looping a video. The other vid is the bouncing ball which is not part of a larger animation.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful


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Kevin CampRe: Looping animation not video
by on May 12, 2011 at 2:52:40 pm

you can loop and animated property by using an expression on that property... say you have animated the position property of a layer to go off-screen left to off-screen right and you want it to continue to do that over and over. you can enable expression for that property (select the property then choose animation>add expression) and add this expression:


the expression will cycle back through all the keyframes after it hits the last keyframe, and do that over and over until it reaches the end point of the layer.

this will work on any keyframeable property, whether it's a transform property of effect property.

if you have many properties to loop for a given layer, you may want to pre-comp the layer (choose to move all attributes). then enable time remapping (layer>time>time remapping) which will add the time remapping property with 2 keyframes.

since the duration of the animation is shorter that the current comp, you'll need to move the cti to the point where the animation stops (where you want the loop to begin) and add a keyframe to the time remapping property (add a new keyframe, don't slide the end key). then delete the last key. now you can add an expression to that property and use the same loopOut() expression to loop time remapping.

for more options for the loopOut() expression, check the manual... it can be used to do a ping-pong loop, continue an animation, loop just a portion of an animation (like just the last 2 keyframes)... it's quite useful.

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer

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gary JarvisRe: Looping animation not video
by on May 12, 2011 at 10:32:38 pm

Thanks alot Kevin, I'm going to work with each of the processes

All the best Gary

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