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Fiberjet and Avid

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Rick LavonFiberjet and Avid
by on Jan 2, 2010 at 1:24:47 pm

Happy New Year all-
A quick question reagarding Fiberjet and Avid-

We are possibly going to acquire a subtenant this year who does Avid HD, although I do not yet know what version, platform, etc. We currently have 3 Rorke RAID's (galaxy-i, HDX and HDX2) running 5 seats of Final Cut. If the renter uses the PC version of Avid what has to happen for Avid and Fiberjet to play nice together? Can an existing RAID have both PC and MAC volumes?..or must the entire RAID be re-striped for PC use?

Thanking you all and wishing everyone a profitable new year
Rick Lavon

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Steve CoxRe: Fiberjet and Avid
by on Jan 6, 2010 at 7:47:57 pm

Hi Rick,

You can use FibreJet 2.8.2 for OS X with FibreJet 2.8.1 for Windows in a cross-platform capacity. You already own 6 FibreJet licenses and all that is required to make one of them work with the PC is to download FibreJet 2.8.1 for windows and insert the re-purposed usb dongle into the PC and run the setup detailed in the manual that downloads with the software. There is no additional FibreJet license purchase necessary unless you cannot re-purpose one of your existing licenses.

The best and most economic solution would be to buy a copy of MacDrive and put it on the PC so you can read and write to HFS+ file systems seeing that you have an existing SAN already formatted for HFS+. However, if your LUNs are over 2 TB and the PC is using Windows XP 32 bit , then you will have to redo your LUN sizes. If the LUNs have data on them, then this will destroy the data so you'll need a backup. If you're contemplating this, then you could consider adding more drives and make them dedicated NTFS disks just for the PC AVID.

You can either use Paragon NTFS for OS X to allow for writing to NTFS file systems, or you can use MacDrive for PC to write to HFS+ file systems. If the PC AVID system is using Windows XP 32 bit, then there is a 2 TB LUN, or Block Device, size limitation. An existing RAID could conceivably have NTFS and HFS+ partitions, in addition to the FibreJet database, which exists on a separate block device, ideally. With respect to striping a RAID, I would need more specific information. If you have made stripe sets using ATTO Express Stripe, then it will work for the PC if you use the Cross-Stripe product, which is for Windows XP and Windows 2000 only.

I hope this is a good starting point for you as you consider your implementation options. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

One last note; SAN configuration is always best done by those who have some level of genuine experience. This is almost always associated with some level of cost. The question in every business decision is ROI. There are a myriad of caveats that not having the whole picture can leave unsettled. That is why support agreements are worth there weight in gold. Our support team always stands ready to help as your configuration and business model evolve.


Steve Cox
VP of Operations
CommandSoft, Inc.
610 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Tel: 805.730.7772
Fax: 805.730.7779

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Jim BoasRe: Fiberjet and Avid
by on Jan 12, 2010 at 1:43:21 pm

Hi Rick,
The guys at Commandsoft and I responded to this question last week per our conversation and the e-mail correspondence you had with Commandsoft before you posted this.

I thought I would respond to this so you and others seeing this post will understand this is an extremely easy process.

Yes, a PC and Mac can be put onto the Rorke/Fibrejet SAN using the same Rorke Galaxy RAID's you have. The only additional piece you will need to put on this PC is MediaFour MacDrive Software to allow the PC to Read and Write to HFS/HFS+ File Systems. As we spoke about, the Fibrejet dongles you currently have will work fine for both PC and Mac so you would not have to buy anything else other then this very inexpensive MediaFour MacDrive V8 Software to add to the PC you might be putting on your current Mac based Fibrejet/Rorke SAN.

We have done hundreds of these cross platform SAN's and would be happy to help you so please don't hesitate to call me or Rorke Data tech support if you ever need any help.

Thank you,

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