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GH4 out of the box. No matter what PP settings: noise and more noise. And did I mention "noise" !

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Jim Tanner
GH4 out of the box. No matter what PP settings: noise and more noise. And did I mention "noise" !
on Oct 7, 2014 at 12:45:39 pm

I'll be the first to say I am learning. I am not a shooter. I am a VFX guy.

I picked up a T2i a few months ago , went out and shot my *ss off and loved it. Never had any issues with noise or such.

I got my GH4 + Mbones Speedbooster-Nikon adapter and a nice Nikkor lens + Tokina so I am shooting roughly S35 size...etc.

It's noisy. It's noisy in the blacks in a nicely lit daylight room. The white walls dance with noise.
I'm blown away that you cannot unbox this in a nicely lit office, shoot some footage ISO200 at 0exposure and not see noise!

I have read through many, many,many threads regarding settings (millers)....comparisons, profiles and such. I have seen low light tests (MkIII kills the GH4 in Blooms...)....I have seen AMAZING noise free footage shot "out of the box" indoors! I have seen exteriors at night with be expected.

Ive shot wide open at 200ISO and gotten noise.

I've shot at 2-3 and upped the ISO to 1600 exposing to the right of zero and gotten noise.

So far, any settings I get noise.

Outside I am OK as long as I am shooting something bright....the minute I pan past any shadows or anything slightly 'dark' it's full of noise.

Indoors, mid-day on a nice sunny day with plenty of natural light I absolutely cannot get an image I even find acceptable. And nothing close to an image that makes me say "wow".

I have posted a .MOV right from the camera...this was ISO 800 I believe, shot wide open on the Tokina 11-16. Natural light. Shutter speed at 50. Exposed at around 0 - +1

Any thoughts guys?

I don't want to "fight" my camera. I really love the idea of 4K, however I want a good picture with a nice DR and lower noise threshold first. Perhaps I bought the wrong camera? Perhaps I'ts me?

Perhaps I should look at an FS100 or C100?

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