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Slightly OT; Hard Drive storage cases?

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Bill Thomas
Slightly OT; Hard Drive storage cases?
on Feb 11, 2008 at 10:17:27 pm

After offloading all my P2 data to my Raid, I'm archiving all files to 500GB external drives (bare drives in a reusable external case).

Does anyone know of a suitable way to store these bare hard drives? At first I was using just anti-static bags, but then thought a hard shell case would be better.

Here's the only ones I could find:

If anyone else has any links or better ideas for storage of these bare drives, please let me know.

Thanks a lot...


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Shane Ross
Re: Slightly OT; Hard Drive storage cases?
on Feb 11, 2008 at 11:27:58 pm

Those are good. I have been using VHS tape cases.


Littlefrog Post


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Rennie Klymyk
Re: Slightly OT; Hard Drive storage cases?
on Feb 12, 2008 at 7:07:40 pm

Great idea Shane! A use for tape cases! I just tried a small betacam case and it's a perfect fit on the sides and 1/2" too long on top and just thick enough. My findings:

VHS...................... - top is 1.5" too tall and 1/8th" on each side. Thickness is snug.
Sm. Betacam......... - top is 0.5" too tall is snug on both sides. Thickness is snug.
Sm. 3/4" .............. - Top is 0.5" top + Bottom; 0.5 on both sides. Thickness allows 1/8th" each face for padding.

These specs could vary from one manufacturer to the other.

I suppose the small 3/4" cassette cases are the best because you could pad the inside if you were going to be transporting them at all. By gluing camera bag foam inside you would have some nice cases. If you went into assembly line mode you could do 20 pretty fast (considering they are $20.00 ea. to buy it would be time well spent)

The small betacam cases were the tightest fit with no room for padding. If you just want something to keep them insulated on the shelf they are the best fit.

I'll have to spend the time to remove the tape hub cylinder locators in the lid of the cases but considering I'm saving $20.00 ea, I'll do it.

You can open the drive icon in the desktop and display as list. Copy and print the contents and include this info in the label sleeve of the cassette jacket.

I've purchased a number of various sized rack shelves to fill up vacant space in my racks. I only put cd's and books in them though because of all the electrical components in the racks. I'm sure there is one big electrical field around the racks. Things like hard drives that have electronics with various chips on board and tape stock that is sensitive to magnetism are stored in wooden shelving. I know you can buy lead lined shelves for this but if you are careful and aware you can keep things pretty safe.

A penny saved is a penny earned

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Alexander Lee
Re: Slightly OT; Hard Drive storage cases?
on Aug 30, 2010 at 2:24:20 pm

Just found this:

NewerTech StoraDriveā„¢
Stackable anti-static cases for all 3.5" Hard Drives

Key Features:
* Economical, yet highly functional hard
drive storage and access.
* Smooth, sliding drive storage drawer for easy access without disrupting other cases.
* Each drive drawer includes a convenient label area for easy content identification.
* Stackable, interlocking design enables more StoraDrive cases to be added as
storage needs grow.
* Anti-static injection molded ABS plastic provides safe, durable drive storage.
* Non-skid rubber feet keeps case and drives securely positioned.

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