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Reccomended Storefront Options

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Christopher KeyReccomended Storefront Options
by on Mar 15, 2012 at 4:07:45 pm

Hi, I've been getting into still photography over the last several years and would like to be able to sell some of my photos online - there are a lot of options for photographers who want to create a storefront - I'm looking for one that's does high quality printing for panoramic landscape photography - and that will help me make my business profitable = doesn't charge an arm and a leg.. any suggestions?

Christopher Key

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Matt GeierRe: Reccomended Storefront Options
by on Mar 15, 2012 at 4:32:53 pm

Hey Christopher,

I've had folks report that these places are good for the freelance types. Maybe they will be of good use to you as well;

Perhaps even here with "ol Bessie" using the would be a good place for you to submit an application request to become a provider.

If all else fails -- You could go into your business for yourself, go through some steps to have a website done for you to sell your photos directly from. You can do that for a fairly inexpensive price these days, even with a good designer, or design firm.
The cost of the work needed, can go down as a business expense, and included can be your setup / hosting / etc fees up front....

Over time, you re-gain the investment with some decent Social Marketing, and the ability to sell direct, without having a fee to use a Photo Service. Once it's going it's self running (mostly) with little maintenance needed, and the upkeep involves a yearly hosting fee and domain name costs (which are not expensive), and your time to upload new content on a regular basis (which will vary).

You can run a "Shopping Cart" right off the website with something like PayPal (Which is free), or even more technical types like Zencart and then you can take payments from just about anywhere in the world with a bank account or credit card too! ---

Everything you can control, can be customized to your look, feel, business, etc...

If you want some other suggestions I'm happy to help.
You're best bet is to go into business for yourself and get a website launched with the needed elements to sell off the website.....
I wouldn't suggest paying for an "e-commerce" site with a firm....usually that's big bucks.

I'm sure some others will post as well!

If you'd like some more help / tips / etc, I have plenty to provide you. Just ask!

Matt Geier
(Video Networking Solutions Expert)
(Creative Design Workflow Consultant)
(Social Media Networks Consultant)
(Technical Video Industry Sales Consultant)

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Christopher KeyRe: Reccomended Storefront Options
by on Apr 16, 2012 at 7:33:43 pm

Thanks Matt - things have been crazy lately so it took me awhile to thank you. I have a website already so maybe I can just make a section of it for selling photos - I'll look into everything you've suggested and see what makes the most sense. I may get back to you for your expertise!

Christopher Key

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Neil HurwitzRe: Reccomended Storefront Options
by on Apr 16, 2012 at 8:11:37 pm

Late to this but check out (Cheap but with limitations) (What I Use, For the serious photographer, lots of handles, Public and Private)
If you're up for a little bit of programing and have a
web site up already try EZPBuilder from

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