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putting text in my box...........?

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kira askaroffputting text in my box...........?
by on Oct 18, 2008 at 11:02:25 am


i am a beginner with dreamweaver and have been trying to work out how to do something that seems fairly simple all day so please help me work it out!

i have attached a picture which i think explains it better but basically i am wanting to have a page in my site that has a table of links that, when clicked, make small bits of text information appear in a box. so the page itself doesn't have to reload with every link.

this would all be in a layer ontop of an image...

sorry this sounds really boring but please look at my picture and help i am completely stuck! even an indication for what i should be searching for on google would be a major help! I know this must be a common thing to do as i have seen it on websites so often.

thank you very much!

p.s you can see the picture here:

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kira askaroffRe: putting text in my box...........?
by on Oct 20, 2008 at 8:52:08 am

here is an example:

click the texts top right and text appears left... does anyone know of a tutorial about this? please guide me in the right direction!

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Abraham ChaffinRe: putting text in my box...........?
by on Oct 21, 2008 at 4:01:42 pm

The link that you provided does go to different urls when you click on the links. Each page is a different url and static with its own complete content. If you were going to build this in Dreamweaver you should use templates or ssi (server side includes).

I suggest you start with these methods or use an iframe and target your url to that frame. Other methods of adding content to pages without frames and without loading a different page are a little more complicated and not something to tackle unless you know a lot about the way html and javascript works.


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