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Dynamics problem

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David Cabestany
Dynamics problem
on Jul 24, 2020 at 9:44:02 pm

I have a bunch of leaves that are supposed to be laying on a surface and then have to fall off as the surface is removed from below.

I started the simulation with the leaves falling so they get a nice random position (they start from a grid cloner), the final render will begin several frames after the simulation has started.

The problem is that after the leaves fall in place they remain vibrating until the surface is removed. I tried increasing the steps per frame and the max solver iterations per step and that stops the jittering but then the leaves do not fall when the floor is taken away.

Is there another way of stopping the jittering but have them still react the way I want them?

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Jim Scott
Re: Dynamics problem
on Jul 24, 2020 at 11:57:14 pm

Concerning stopping the jittering, from the Help files > Reference > Cinema 4D > Advanced Features > Dynamics > Tips and Tricks:

The Party’s Over

Let’s say you create an animation in which you pour a large number of Clones into a box. After you render the scene you notice that the Clones still have not completely come to rest, even ten seconds into the animation. There are several ways to keep these Clones quiet:

Increase the Linear Damping and Angular Damping values.
Reducing the Bounce value and increasing the Friction value will also help take the energy out of the Clones.
Increase the Linear Velocity Threshold and Angular Velocity Threshold values.
If this doesn’t help just use steamroller tactics: If Time Scale is set to 0 the simulation will freeze instantly.
- - -
In regards to why the leaves don't fall when the floor is removed, without seeing your project I have no idea. Other than setting the Time Scale or gravity to 0, or disabling dynamics, I can't think of a reason why the leaves shouldn't fall when the floor is removed.

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Brian Jones
Re: Dynamics problem
on Jul 25, 2020 at 2:24:35 am

I agree with Jim, we might have to see the file but based on your description you would want to let the leaves fall and settle (using the "Party's Over" hints in the help Jim pointed out) then when they are in place stop the play and hit the Set Initial State button the the Rigid Body tag's Dynamics tab. Then you have your start point, you can go back to the start and you can remove the floor when you want.

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