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Several animated tracks for the same mesh for export

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Anastasia Shatrova
Several animated tracks for the same mesh for export
on Mar 7, 2020 at 6:41:38 am

Hi everyone!

I need to export several animations to fbx. For example I have two animations on the same mesh using just Pose Morph without joints (cube can fly and jump) and I don't want these animations playing at the same time. I want separately.

How am I doing it for now:
I'm making a lot of animations tracks for one object in c4d -> export it to fbx and in blender I separate this tracks to several NLA -> export to fbx. The result is in ue4 I get separate animations for one object.

My goal is:
Made several NLA (motion clips or somethig) in C4D and avoid using Blender for sort and divide tracks to NLA animations. I can't find anything in the Internet about it, I will be glad if you can help me.

After import it has to work like that:
I have only one mesh, and many animation tracks for it. When cube flies, it doesn't jump and vice versa. And I want make many instances of this cube in UE4 and be able to select the necessary animation track for different instances of it.

Sorry for my English and thanks in advance

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Sam Treadway
Re: Several animated tracks for the same mesh for export
on Mar 9, 2020 at 8:57:44 pm

I'm sure there are multiple ways to do this but I find using the Takes system in C4D to be the most organized approach.
There shouldn't be a need to bake out animation either with the use of the Data Smith UE4 plugin.

Assuming you are using a motion system tag for separating keyed pose morphs into tracks:
Setup a series of takes for each animation. Name each take appropriately as an UE4 asset will be created for each take and given the same name.
Drag in the motion system tag for each take and solo the appropriate track.

Exporting to FBX:
You will export the FBX making sure animation is checked and in UE4 it will automatically create assets for the mesh, Skelton, physics asset, and each take.

Using Data Smith:
Save the C4D scene using the 'melange' or 'Cineware' option in the File menu.
In UE4 make sure the Datasmith plugin is loaded. As of 4.23 this is on by default I believe and available for all platforms, not just Windows.
To open the C4D file in UE4 click the Datasmith button on the editor main toolbar (blue circle button). This will bring of a dialogue to guide you the rest of the way.

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