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How do i properly output Octane Render Pass?

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Kelvin Wang
How do i properly output Octane Render Pass?
on Jun 18, 2019 at 4:19:06 pm

I am getting confused as there is a output function within the OctaneRender Engine and hen a whole another for he Render Passes (which i have exported using EXR. The problem is when I output the EXR files, all I get are these black images, and not my actually scene....

i really don’t know what I’m doing wrong and it’s killing me!!!

This is my file for reference:

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Tony Lemont
Re: How do i properly output Octane Render Pass?
on Jun 19, 2019 at 4:44:33 pm

Hey Kelvin, not to worry I was super confused on Octane or really any multi-pass output from C4D when I started. Frankly I am still not comfortable as there is really no clear, easy to understand tutorials I have found yet.

Back to your problem, when you look at your .exr the application needs to know how/what the .exr is consisting of...

I use Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for mine. If you use the same applications choose the 3D effect>EXtractoR (included with AE), but you still wont see anything in your comp so don't worry.

Go to the EXtractoR effect you applied to your layer and choose the drop down list for the desired pass to show. Layer all your passes up from top to bottom by duplicating the previous pass and then just choosing another pass in copied ExtratoR. Now I am not sure on what you are using for passes, so the order will depend on you - search for that. Lastly blend layers with "linear dodge" so they are properly blend.

Also, make sure you are using a linear work flow out of C4D and that AE is also set up for linear.

Like I said I am no expert and still get lost, but I know if it's black then you're not extracting the passes correctly in composting app. Hope that helped some...


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