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How to stop the Vibration Tag and Variation Effect results from changing all the time?

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Xavier Bonet
How to stop the Vibration Tag and Variation Effect results from changing all the time?
on Apr 12, 2019 at 5:55:45 pm

I'm working on a project that has random camera movement through Vibration and random texture colours through Variation, and in both cases I'm having trouble getting them to stay put instead of changing on me constantly.
I knew in AE there's this thing where any randomisation through expression (like Wiggle, for instance) is affected when you put a layer over the layer where the expression is set (which is something I've always found absurd and annoying... but that's another issue) but I didn't imagine the same behaviour I find somewhat impractical would have been coded into C4D as well.
I first realised this was happening with the camera motion, as I got it the way I wanted and then, by adding a couple of things, it got completely out of whack. (In this case, however I don't thin it's affected by adding stuff on top of the layer with the Vibration tag; I think it's just affected by adding stuff anywhere.) At any rate, I can somewhat easily work around this by generating keyframes from the Vibration tag movement. But then I realised the same was happening with Variation effects.
I know that if you add elements to the group that has a texture with a Variation effect this effect will change, that's common sense. (So if you have 3 objects, yellow-green-blue, and you add a 4th, you may get red-purple-green-orange.) But in this case it seems that anything I do in my scene, or even just shutting C4D off for the night and opening the project again the next day, changes everything! So that I'm making some trees with varying foliage and some sheep with varying wool, and I have them in a nice, aesthetic "randomness", and then the next time I render I have all white sheep and only two black and brown, for instance...
How can I stop this from changing on me all the time?!
Is there any way of blocking them so that whatever it is now, it never changes no matter what?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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