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Closed Spline Dynamics and Xpresso Ray Collision

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Ryan Nighel de Vries
Closed Spline Dynamics and Xpresso Ray Collision
on Jan 13, 2019 at 9:12:45 pm
Last Edited By Ryan Nighel de Vries on Jan 13, 2019 at 9:13:16 pm

Hello CC user,

Sorry if I miss any deets in this post (it's my first post). I am experiencing a problem with spline dynamics in Cinema 4D Studio R19 and I cannot find a sollution online, I was hoping if anyone can help me with this,
the problem goes as follows;

I am trying to make a continuous track a.k.a. tank tread a.k.a catterpillar track (It is one of those track used for conveyer belts and tank) as a means of transportation for a robot I am currently working on. It is supposed to kind of look like Wall-E. For me to convey a sense of realism I would have to do 2 things: Make this continuous track follow the surface its on and add dynamics to the thread so as it 'dips' when it lands due to gravity.

I've been working on it for a while now and I can't get my head wrapped around how to do this. I've made the track by making some geometry in a cloner follow a spline. What I'm focussing on is the spline; for the 'dipping of the thread' i've tried to give the spline a dynamic spline tag and the wheel it is on a hair collider tag. However I found out that the beginning and end point of a spline never really connect and so the thread 'snapped loose'.

I've tried to fix this every way I know of, which is only one; Setting the end point of the spline to the begin point using Xpresso.This however does not work.
I know my fair share about Cinema 4D in the 6 years that I've been using it, but spline dynamics and xpresso is something I've just doven my head into so you'll have to excuse me for my lack of knowledge on this subject.

The second thing wich I haven't researched as thouroughly is the make the spline follow the ground, now I have seen a tutorial of that using a Ray Collider in Xpresso; but for some reason this causes C4D to do all kinds of weird stuff, though the spline is following the surface, when I update the view port the spline moves a centimeter to the left and I cannot move the robot/spline freely, it almost seems like it chooses its own path.
I will drop the file in this post and try to use/leave some pictures for details.

Sorry if I overexplained some stuff, I wanted it to be as clear as possible and sorry if my English is a bit rough, I'm not a native speaker.


Closed Spline Dynamics Continuous Track file

Ray Collision Spline Snap to Landscape File

Thanks for reading my post, hope someone can help me out with this 😊

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Brian Jones
Re: Closed Spline Dynamics and Xpresso Ray Collision
on Jan 16, 2019 at 4:21:42 am

you can close the spline but spline dynamics are meant for hair and ropes and threads etc it's not likely something that will work. I'd try cheating, just follow a spline with a bit of bend to make it look loose and perhaps an effector with a falloff along the ground to orient the lugs the right way.

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