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PROBLEM with boole + hair object !

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Konstantinos Kefalianos
PROBLEM with boole + hair object !
on Nov 30, 2018 at 9:50:03 am

hi there!
i have a problem with boole + hair object !

i have a scene with an object (earth) and i have attached it to a boole with a cylinder which has and animation on its slice ( 0 --> 360) with this way i have created a transition of the object (earth) !

now im trying to attach a hair object to the object (earth) and the problem is that the hair object doesnt follow the boole (the transition) ... and the result is that the sphere follows the transition but the hair object remains .. !!!

i tried to attach the whole boolen object to hair but ..... nothing happened ... !!!



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Harry Hoag
Re: PROBLEM with boole + hair object !
on Nov 30, 2018 at 4:49:19 pm

hey, I had a quick look at your scene. There might be a way of doing this, not sure about this setup, the hair object would have to be attached to the geometry after the bool, like you tried to do. Maybe dropping the the bool in a connect object, but the number of polys in that object is changing so I'd suspect it won't work, maybe i'm wrong though worth fiddling with more.

Maybe there's an alternative way of hiding the hairs, maybe with compositing. What might be better is using something else to create the effect you're after? Perhaps using a mograph cloner, then you can just use an effector to hide the points or lines or whatever you want them to be.

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Brian Jones
Re: PROBLEM with boole + hair object !
on Nov 30, 2018 at 5:22:06 pm
Last Edited By Brian Jones on Nov 30, 2018 at 5:23:16 pm

it is possible with your setup if you render the hair as geometry but that is really slow and is prone to boole errors in my tests. I would reveal the hair with a gradient in the hair materials length parameter and reveal the underlying continents with the same gradient in an alpha. It needs a bit of trickery though, since the hair is grown on separate 'islands' of polys that make up the map each island will have growth across it unless you override with a UVW tag in the Hair/Advanced tab. I removed the tag on the Extrude, added a material, set the projection to Spherical then did a Tags/Generate UVW Coordinates to get a spherical tag that I then dragged into the hair advanced tab.

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