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Jeremy Paul
Cinema 4D mentorship
on Nov 10, 2018 at 10:00:39 am

Hello everyone!

I'm a rookie in this vast 3D world. i'd like to explore it in great detail. Being a self taught software engineer, I learned the value of mentorship the hard way. I've used so many bad workflows, done so many stupid mistakes and wasted enormous amount of time fixing them. In almost all cases, I didn't really understand what's going on and was missing some crucial logic needed to perform the task.

Fast forward to today, and I am on a new very exiting journey. I've got 500hrs in the next two months, that I'd like to spend on learning cinema. My desire is to master motion graphics and photo realistic product design. These are some examples that I'd like to be able to create: ,

I looked at for starting points and completed Lynda's "Essentials training" and Greyscale Gorilla's "Introduction to c4d", but I am left with more questions than I had before. There is so many settings and effects left that I don't understand as good as I should. Tutorials just jump into adjusting sliders without providing sufficient background on the topic. Often, many settings work hand in hand and I find myself randomly adjusting each one and hoping for a good result. Very reminiscent of my early developer days.

What learning path do you recommend that I take? What is an efficient way of learning realistic motion graphics? I really want an in depth understand of the tool, and it's many features. Adjusting the sliders without knowing exactly what I am doing will just left me miserable. I have no official education in design and have little to zero background in 3D stuff, but I am comfortable with After Effects and Photoshop.

I am looking for concrete examples of learning path. For example: take course x, than y, followed by z, u, v, read book B and so on. Don't just say, person A has nice tutorials. How would you learn 3D, if you had to learn everything you know again from scratch?

Thanks for all your tips.


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Emir Bojorquez
Re: Cinema 4D mentorship
on Nov 10, 2018 at 11:35:26 pm

Learn the basics, affter that, learn about the real world lighting and for modeling watch tutorials and books like Digital modeling by William Vaughan to understand the basics in hard and organic modeling. Once you learn the basics, experimet by your self to undestand how to achieve different effects and models.

Good Luck

Imagination is the best tool...

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