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How to edit photo and add 3d elements to it?

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Elio Willy
How to edit photo and add 3d elements to it?
on Aug 16, 2018 at 8:31:58 pm
Last Edited By Elio Willy on Aug 16, 2018 at 8:39:53 pm


I am a newbie to Cinema 4d.

I am trying to make stellar product photos like the ones attached.

Obviosuly someone took a photo of the bed because it is in the photo.

I think other things like the furniture and flooring and walls and lighting were added.

I would like to add a floor like this, the floor we have in our studio is pretty crappy:

I am thinking of literally buying wood flooring. Last resort.

Is this more of a job for Photoshop, if not, what is the smartest way to edit a 2D photo like this to add 3D elements?

Thank you!

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Steve Bentley
Re: How to edit photo and add 3d elements to it?
on Aug 16, 2018 at 10:17:07 pm

The problem with photos for things like floors is that the photo doesn't often tile correctly and the photo is often a small section of the floor and you need a football field of floor, so if you just blow it up you get planks that are 3 feet across. Even products that boast a "seamless tile" sometimes aren't. And taking a photo is tough too because the lighting will be different from one side to the other and therefore it won't tile seamlessly either.

There is software that will tile things for you, or you can fake it by using photoshop and the offset filter (this puts opposite ends side by side) and then paint or color correct any issues before re offsetting the image back to normal.
There are also material libraries that generate floors etc from code.
The other problem with tiling for floors (the repeating pattern type, not the ceramic type), is that you see the same tile over and over again and a pattern starts to build up. So even if you get a true seamless tile texture, you really need more than one to spread about or the pattern will be obvious. "Hey, there's that knot in the wood again....and again... and again."

Finally, on your Pshop question. This could all be done Pshop easily (the whole comp, not just the floor element) and probably better than C4D. You can take multiple snaps of floors (preferably different parts of the same floor) and blend them with the perspective tool so they are all on the right angle. Once feathered together the differences in lighting will all blend to a cohesive whole. Making a checkerboard material where every square has it's own image inside of C4D is actually quite hard. You could make the texture in Pshop and do the checkerboarding there and then its one big map in C4D. But once you have that, why not just angle the floor back with the persective tool or the transform tools or even make it 3D all right inside photoshop?

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Elio Willy
Re: How to edit photo and add 3d elements to it?
on Aug 17, 2018 at 1:55:25 pm

Thank you. This is incredibly helpful. I will try it using the techniques you suggest with Photoshop, which I am much more familiar with.

Best Regards,


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