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6700k vs 5820k for C4D/AE/Premiere pro

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Parthibaraj rajasekar
6700k vs 5820k for C4D/AE/Premiere pro
on Sep 28, 2016 at 4:37:29 pm

Newbie to animation, with lot of questions on figuring out my work station.I have compiled all my questions.Please help. I am building this PC for a research institute, and I am going to be the only animator at least for few years. Since I am quite new to animation. I think a 6700k setup will suffice for 2 years to come, till I develop skills that requires even more a high end work station. 

My usage:
- Cinema 4D
- After effects
- Premiere pro 
- rendering in all 3 above. I am looking for a CPU & GPU, which is equally good in all 3 softwares above.
- Zero gaming
- not done overclocking so far. No plans as of now. I have not ruled out it though. I will take a call based on the discussion. 

- GTX 970 Is what I have planned for GPU.  GTX 970 / 1060 6 GB of same price, whereas 980Ti and  1070 are twice the price.  I want my GPU to be able to handle GPU render software, in case If I opt to go for it. For my usage I dont think SLI will ever come to consideration for 2 years, or is it so? 

- Will usage of SSD be of any help to reduce render times? If not what is the usage of SSD, apart from quick boot of OS?
- Thinking of going for a 32 GB RAM on a 64GB motherboard.So that if needed I can increase it later on. Is it ok, if I use only 2 RAM slots for 32 GB RAM? Will it be properly utilized by the softwares and processor?
My understanding C4D uses CPU for rendering and GPU for viewport performance. 

I read in CGdirector website that,
  "Many Cinema 4D features like deformers, generators, cloners, are calculated on the processor using only a single-core. This is where you will want the fastest possible single-core speed. The Intel 4790K and 6700K both have 4 GHz and  some more Turbo GHz to make the viewport as fast as currently possible." - Is this statement true?

In that case should I go for a 
         1) i7 6700k , inclined more towards this one, price wise and also performance wise it is same as above in most cases. 
        2) 3.3 Ghz, 6 core,15MB cache 12 thread i7 -5820k  - bit costlier setup than  i7 6700k. Is it worth it?
        3) Or Xeon E5-2670 16 core/32 thread setup.Is it really worth getting this setup? I have to catch someone from my friends who is coming from USA to India, which is possible. My point is like will the performance better than i7 6700k for all 3 softwares?

In what other scenarios having more threads useful for Cinema 4D/AE/Premiere pro?
Say after 2 years, I need a upgrade in my Processor, which socket is future proof now LGA 2011 v3 or LGA 1151?

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Jim Scott
Re: 6700k vs 5820k for C4D/AE/Premiere pro
on Sep 28, 2016 at 6:09:39 pm

Since I am a Mac user I can't comment on CPU specifics for your PC workstation, but will only address a few of your other questions.

An SSD can be very beneficial in After Effects when used as a cache drive for RAM previews, etc. I would suggest asking more specific questions concerning their benefits on the After Effects forum.

As far as C4D is concerned, you are correct - it uses the CPU for renders. However, if you are interested in faster renders you should look into aftermarket renderers like Octane, which do use the GPU and are considerably faster, and which scale up in speed as more GPUs are used. Some C4D plugins, like TurbulenceFD, use the GPU to speed up their computations as well.

Hope this helps.

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Adam Trachtenberg
Re: 6700k vs 5820k for C4D/AE/Premiere pro
on Sep 28, 2016 at 8:57:05 pm

Looks good to me, but if you're serious about exploring GPU rendering I would spend the extra money for the 980Ti.

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