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Shatter complex dynamic object after collision with floor

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George LazarevShatter complex dynamic object after collision with floor
by on Sep 22, 2016 at 5:34:48 pm

Heya! So I have this piano made of 200 pieces and my idea was to drop it from height but i realized it begins to fall apart before even colliding with floor:

And then it reached the floor and shatters even more:

Which looks odd and not what i thought of and somehow i did find a way to keep it together just until the collision.

Naturally, to make it dynamic i had to apply the rigid body tag to each of 200 pieces, cos it didn't work with parent null and if i connected these pieces into one object and made it dynamic, then it wouldn't shatter. Thrausi is not an option as i want to capture buttons falling apart and i've seen on youtube thrausi falls apart before the collision as well. Any help is appreciated.

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Brian JonesRe: Shatter complex dynamic object after collision with floor
by on Sep 22, 2016 at 7:35:55 pm

with Thrausi type objects (a number objects in a Fracture as Thrausi does) to get something to fall dynamics have to be on but if it's many pieces you have to leave dynamics on but turn off self collision until the first collision of the group with something. Otherwise the self collisions keep separating everything too early as you have seen. Since you have everything with it's own tag that won't work since turning off self collisions doesn't do anything useful.

Place your piano objects in a Fracture object and apply an xpresso tag and feed the fracture object to a Dynamics Collision node as one of the objects then pass the Count from that node to the Dynamics tag/Self Collisions port. That detects the Fracture's (and by extension any part of the piano) collision with anything in the scene that has a dynamics tag but isn't the fracture itself since the other Object port is left empty.
The collision count stays zero until a collision happens so it can be passed directly to the Self Collisions of the fracture's (the piano) dynamics tag and turns it on with the first collision since the Self Collision port is boole and is expecting 0 for 'off' and 1 for 'on'. Fortunately when they were designing xpresso they let you put numbers higher than 1 in (in this case more collisions) and it still interprets it as a 1 so the self collisions stay on and it works like it should.

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