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refining materials for final render

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Paul Rijkaard
refining materials for final render
on Feb 29, 2016 at 10:32:44 am

I am getting a scene ready to send to a farm, the scene is 6000 frames long and I am trying to refine the materials I am using in order to lower render cost/time wherever possible.

I am using an imac with cinebench 870 score

The shot is a dolly in from a wide shot of a domestic interior into the drum of a washing machine. Inside the washing machine there are some mugs. The initial wide shot, which contains a range of different objects (furniture, a plant, clothes etc.), renders on my machine at approx 13 mins per frame.

However between frames 3000 - 6000 the camera enters the drum of the washing machine and the render time moves up to average 43 mins per frame. So I am looking at ways to reduce this time without having to compromise the render settings too much.

Here is an R17 file with the materials I am using and also a still image from the scene.

The geometry inside the washing machine drum is not very complex although I am using a subdivision surface (does this effect render time??)

I wondered if the materials I am using could be refined to help speed up this render time?

I have also included the render settings. I would be happy to lower the physical render settings from 'medium' and have made tests with lower settings. However because there is so much metal, the lower settings cause visual noise in the shadow areas of the metal.

I would like to aim for render time of approx 20 mins for this if it is possible

Any help would be gratefully appreciated

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Brian Jones
Re: refining materials for final render
on Mar 1, 2016 at 3:51:31 am

sub d would slow the render a bit (depending on the level for preparation time) but shouldn't be a killer.
Do you need Physical? Standard is a lot quicker in a very simple test (hard to tell without the actual scene though) - even with sampling turned up to match the Physical - I'm seeing 7 seconds vs 39.
Do you need scene wide Ambient Occlusion? It shouldn't be doing much with the metal - if you need it on the cups put it only on the cups not scene-wide (though this won't save as much time).

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