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Change object dimensions without affecting it's texture

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Valentin Baertschi
Change object dimensions without affecting it's texture
on Feb 24, 2016 at 11:37:39 am
Last Edited By Valentin Baertschi on Feb 24, 2016 at 2:46:10 pm

Hi there,I'm quite new to c4d, especially to animation, but I'm sure some of you might know some solutions for my problem.

I'm trying to make a really simplified animation of a sliding curtain.

For my curtain I only used a bent plan, on which I added a material including a texture and a noise displacement (to make the wrinkles) (Please note that on the simplified example, the plan is juste flat, not bent)

I'm ok with the fact it won't act as a real curtain (cloth physics and all).

All I want is the plan to shrink (have a length of X at the beginning, and then decrease until it disappears, length of 0)

While it does that, I want my texture to stay in place (no size change, nothing) just staying put.

I want the same for the displacement (so the curtain stays the same, it's just that at the end of the animation it has disappared from, let's say, right to left. but no change have been made to both texture and displacement). I'm considering having the displacement shrinking too, but I'm interested in knowing how to stop it from doing it.

For the curtain I set a null so it would shrink from the anchor point of the null, that I located on the right side) (not the center of the plan like usual primitives)

I then tried to simply scale the texture using UVW's so it would scale linearly exactly along the shrinking of the plan....but it seems like it's not going the same rate (see short video example I did)

vidéo link:
project file:

So if anybody here knows how I could try to get this plan shrinking without affecting the rest, it would be dope. Of course, maybe it's a whole other way of doing it, I'm 100% open. Thanks in advance!

PS: I first thought it was due to ease-in and ease-out that texture and plan where not synced, but even with everything set to linear, we can clearly see the texture scaling at a different rate than the shrinking of the plan....

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Adam Trachtenberg
Re: Change object dimensions without affecting it's texture
on Feb 24, 2016 at 6:37:28 pm

Set your texture tag to use Flat projection. Then it won't move/scale with your object (unless you apply a Stick Texture tag).

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Valentin Baertschi
Re: Change object dimensions without affecting it's texture
on Feb 25, 2016 at 4:15:31 pm

Hi Adam, thanks for your prompt answer!

I'm a bit confused as I tried to set my texture to flat already prior to my post, and then decided to check it again since you recommanded it. I made sure there wasn't a stick texture tag, but the texture keeps on scaling when the plan shrinks. Maybe it has to do with how I made it shrink? (Changing the anchor point through the use of a null, then scaled it using S.X value in the coordinate tab?

But if I do an extrusion of a spline instead of having my primitive plan, it works as you said for the texture (ie: the image in the material). I had some problem making the the wrinkles again as I didn't have enough subdivisions at first, but now it's more or less back the way it supposed to be.

I still have a problem though: in one of my file, the wrinkles stay in place as well as the texture. (there is just the curtain reducing its size) but in the other, the wrinkles move (they have the same displacement space and projection type) I managed to make it work by recreating step by step the same material and now it acts the same way in both my simplified and normal file.

anyway, thanks a lot for answering that quick, even If it's not really clear to me what I did wrong or right in the process of following your advices, it seems like there is some improvements!

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