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Activate Rigid Bodies Upon Contact with Shape

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Hayden Martin
Activate Rigid Bodies Upon Contact with Shape
on Feb 13, 2016 at 5:32:33 am

Hi everyone!,

I have a scene in a tunnel where a cloner object moving from a sound effector is knocking panels off the walls.

Thing is, the sound effector is too agressive - it literally smashes them off the walls, and because of this I have to set the panels' collision trigger to something like 1000cm. Even after setting the collision triggers to this level, they still fly all over the place.

What I've been aiming for the whole time is simply a way for the sound effected object to activate rigid body dynamics on just the panels it comes into contact with. I just want it to make the panels fall, thus letting them pile up without all the chaos. No kinetic energy needs to be transferred - the contact between the cloner and the tiles should simply switch on their immediate rigid body dynamics

The idea is that the music is making panels fall off the walls of a tunnel by vibration - not by smashing them off.


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Hayden Martin
Re: Activate Rigid Bodies Upon Contact with Shape
on Feb 13, 2016 at 7:35:06 am

I mean, i had these 2 ideas...

Apply the Sound Effector to Fracture Object with parameters effecting the position and set collisions to be triggered by certain amount or velocity peak


Create greyscale video Sound "map" in AE of the music, then multiply a high contrast noise layer on top - set the parameters to effect motion and adjust collision trigger / velocity sensitivity - they should fall in patches to music - create spherical Falloff inside camera...

Its so overly complicated. I've tried everything. I just wish there was some way a noisey spherical falloff could SWITCH ON the collision dynamics like it can for visibility...

Im reality the nearest example I can give visually would be the leaves fallibg off a tree, or plaster off a ceiling - this happens on it's own and is not caused by dramatic collisions...

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