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Custom Spline+Extrude Nurb+Boole+Hypernurb= TROUBLE!

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Lindsay Johnson
Custom Spline+Extrude Nurb+Boole+Hypernurb= TROUBLE!
on Jan 8, 2016 at 10:51:20 pm

Hello to all,

First off let me say thanx in advance. Im getting back into modeling and such and feel like a complete noob again. I needed to make a custom shape to use as a boole to make a cutout in a cube. I used a spline to make the shape and used the extrude nurb to extrude it. I made everything editable and placed both the cube and the newly extruded spline/polygon under the boole. As anticipated, the cutout came out as I had hoped. My next step was to add a hypernurb to smooth everything out. Upon adding the hypernurb and checking the render view i noticed that all around the area of the cutout (and insde the cutout as well) was distorted. Is there a way that I can make an extrudenurb spline play nice with a hypernurb or is there a better (cleaner) method to get a custom cutout from a polygon or parametric object.

Ive provided photos for a representation that I quickly through together 1. without hypernurb 2. with hypernurb (THIS PIC IS NOT MY ACTUAL PROJECT LOL)

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Brian Jones
Re: Custom Spline+Extrude Nurb+Boole+Hypernurb= TROUBLE!
on Jan 9, 2016 at 4:28:59 am

R14, last time it was called HyperNurbs before being called Subdivision Surface. Also you don't have the much improved Bevel tool which comes in a later version.
Read the Help (in case you don't remember the Help is contextual, no need to search - just add a HyperNurb and with the cursor over the attributes of the HyperNurb in the attributes manager press cmd-F1). Good stuff there but in your case the last picture(s), the horse and pop-can, are probably the most instructive - edges in the cage (the original object) that are far apart give smooth results edges that are close together give sharper results (weighting (covered earlier on that page) can modify that.

So for your object you want to start with as few edges as possible for smoothness but only add geometry a you need sharp edges.

With the better bevels (and maybe with the old bevel tool) you can also try to do it without HNurbs at all depending on the kind of 'smoothness' you want.

It might help to have your test file to illustrate with examples. Also what do you mean by smooth? Roundness or smooth joins of otherwise flat surfaces (or something else)?

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