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color change on collision / proximity

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james kowalskicolor change on collision / proximity
by on Dec 28, 2015 at 6:56:38 pm

Hey all, and happy holidays!

I'm trying to build a rig that, at its core is a grid array of cubes. I'd like these cubes to change color based on collision and proximity of any object that animates through the array. The cubes should not only just change color, but also inherit the color of whatever object has made contact with the array.

I'm trying to do this with just mograph tools, as I want this rig to accept anything I throw at it - dynamic objects, keyframed objects, keyframed materials, etc.

If you're curious, the end product will be a much larger scale, and will power a 7500 node LED installation. I'm trying to develop this method as a means of controlling, and interfacing with the installation.

Attached is a file that is getting close, but I have yet to figure out how to inherit color from multiple objects.

I'm effectively changing the color of the cubes based on the proximity of multiple objects using the shader effector with a proximal shader.

Thanks for any help!!

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james kowalskiRe: color change on collision / proximity
by on Dec 30, 2015 at 6:29:48 pm

Made some more progress on this, but I've hit another wall.

So I'm using the shader effector with a proximal shader to colorize my array, very similar to what Chris Schmidt is doing here : (12:30 mark) But I can't figure out how to make the proximal recognize the internal space of the geometry. So instead of just effecting the clones where the edges and vertices of my proximal object are intersect (creating an outline), I want the clones inside the proximal object to be effected as well.

Image attached for reference. Thanks again for any thoughts or input!

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