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Animation looping options

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Greg SageAnimation looping options
by on Dec 8, 2015 at 9:30:16 pm

Trying to loop this basic tunnel sequence. Advice I found said to set keyframes so that last keyframe is 1 frame beyond the loop, and set interpretation to linear. Makes sense, only for some reason, it's not working.

Should be basic camera motion following spline linearly, one light travelling along with it, and another light 20% ahead of it on same spline.

For some reason, they all jump at loop point, and I'm not sure why.

Also, is there another approach I can take here that sets speed by formula rather than using keyframes at all?

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Brian JonesRe: Animation looping options
by on Dec 8, 2015 at 11:43:56 pm

align to spline can't be set over 100% even if you do it in the timeline once it hits 100% it stops. (turn off the sweep and camera and watch your camera, camera target and lights move around) One way around this is to use the camera position and some expresso to drive the target and the purple light with a modulo added so when it goes over 100% it drops back where it's supposed to be. Like this

I also took the ease in and ease out from the camera Align To Spline so it will loop cleanly without slowing down and speeding up at the start/end.

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Greg SageRe: Animation looping options
by on Dec 9, 2015 at 2:27:57 am
Last Edited By Greg Sage on Dec 9, 2015 at 3:20:26 am

Thx. I've been digging for a few hours and was zeroing in on something similar.

I do a lot of scripting in AE, and teach Middle School math, so I'm not afraid to dig into some basic scripting, but still wrapping my head around the flowchart xpresso editor as I saw it for the first time a few hours ago.

From what I can gather, it's incrementing with time, then finding the remainder if out of range to keep it in range, then adding or subtracting to that value (and re-remaindering to keep in range) for the offsets, correct?

Digging in now...

Edit. Ok, I think I understand most of it, but missing one thing... it would appear that everything feeds from the camera alignment property which is still keyframed. Can this be an expression instead and the rest feeds from that? This will ultimately be timed to music, so in AE, for instance, I have everything timed to expressions that calculate various rates based upon the bpm of the music. I just enter a new bpm, and everything everywhere adjusts accordingly. Trying to get similar functionality here.

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Brian JonesRe: Animation looping options
by on Dec 9, 2015 at 5:08:47 am
Last Edited By Brian Jones on Dec 9, 2015 at 5:12:06 am

sure it doesn't have to be feeding from the keyframed value you can use whatever works. It should be possible to do what you want (as I understand it) fairly easily. You could even have a slider to enter the bpm then use that through a RangeMapper to control relative speed then add a resulting calculation to whatever the position for the camera at the start of this frame to get a new value you feed back into the camera at the end of the frame. The other values for the target and the light are already working so could stay the same.
It sounds like there will be some for you to absorb but the help is easy since it's contextual (hopefully you already know that)

Like this -
- as long as the null is selected you should see the BPM slider (because I gave the Null User Data and dragged the user data on the screen as a HUD control) - it's values can be changed to whatever range you want
- in the xpresso the BPM slider value feeds into a Range Mapper which takes the input BPM values and scales them so the max out is now .001 (or 1% in slider terms) - that value (the Output Upper) can be changed to any value to make the camera and lights slide along at whatever rate you want to see for a given BPM value.
- that range mapped value is then added to wherever the camera is now (incoming from the left)
- add offsets for the target and the purple light
-then run everything through a Math Modulo so the value returns to 0 when it reaches 1 (1 being equal to 100% according to the Align Tags position value)
- and feed the new values into the camera etc to move them that much further along the spline

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