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Cinema 4D- 3D Bodypaint Issue! :(

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Alexis LatimoreCinema 4D- 3D Bodypaint Issue! :(
by on Nov 24, 2015 at 1:36:32 pm

Okay, so I've been working with Cinema 4D for well over 8 months now and I'm getting pretty comfortable. I recently discovered Bodypaint within the studio and decided that I could really use it for my next project. But, for the life of me, I've had this problem since the beginning and I can't understand why and I'm pretty sure its a stupid fix!

In the standard 3D viewport, I've applied a purple material to my model and wanted to take it into bodypaint to add dirty/grungy paint to the models horns to give it a little more FLAVAH! But when i go into the materials on the right to activate the pencils on the materials so i can paint on the model (the 3d button, projection painting, and paintbrush button are already ticked on) and as i hover over my object to paint, my cursor turns into a giant arrow with "NO" symbol on it. (A circle and a cross over it) So im wondering, what the hell does a person gotta do to make this all go away and paint happily over her material ? :)


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Adam TrachtenbergRe: Cinema 4D- 3D Bodypaint Issue! :(
by on Nov 26, 2015 at 4:32:38 pm

Have you created textures to paint on? You have to have bitmaps loaded in the channels you want to use in order to start painting.

The quickest way to get going with BP is to use the Tools>Paint Setup Wizard. It will allow you to create UVs if they aren't already set up, and it will also create bitmaps in whatever size you want for whichever channels you want to use. Highly recommend you use that tool.

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Alexis LatimoreRe: Cinema 4D- 3D Bodypaint Issue! :(
by on Nov 26, 2015 at 6:47:23 pm

Yeah I put a texture (well a color) on it before even going into BP. Then going into body paint, the wizard makes the material grey. But if I try to just draw on it, even after clicking all the pencil icons to make the material active for painting it won't let me. The thing I'm trying to accomplish is just doing the coloring in the standard view and making sure it will be transferred over to BP so I can draw on the color.

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