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fracture mograph

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pablo kirschkefracture mograph
by on Oct 27, 2015 at 2:32:23 am

Hello everyone
I'm trying to get the fracture mograph behave the way I expect.

I have a wall of 20 x 20 plates.
every plate has it's axes moved to the bottom edge.
So I can rotate a each plate round it's bottom corner.
Now I put them all as child under a fraction node.
And here the plates lose their transformed axes and center object instead is used.
Any idea how to tell fracture to use the current axes?

Many thanks

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: fracture mograph
by on Oct 27, 2015 at 6:08:38 pm

Unfortunately that's just how the Fracture Object works. Fortunately there's a pretty easy workaround. You just have to put each object inside a null located at the desired pivot point. Since you have the object axes placed already you just have to select each object and hit Alt+G to place them under the correctly-placed null. You have to do it one at at time, unfortunately. It would of course be a lot easier to put the Null>Plate in a cloner unless they're all different.

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pablo kirschkeRe: fracture mograph
by on Oct 29, 2015 at 4:04:30 pm

thanks adam for your explanation!
brings up two more questions, if you dont mind:

1. when executing the Alt+G command, in softimage i would have access to the command lines in a script log window. i would copy some lines and write a small "execute on selection" - script. isn't there anything like this in c4d?

2. and yes, my objects will be all different.
e.g. i might have to unfold a (simple) house.
idea is, to slice the house in even plates. then having their axis on the bottom side and rotate them thru an effector for unfolding the house.

would you recommend splitting the house with booleans? (again, a lot of repetitive manual actions...) Or are you aware of any addons/plugins.

many thanks, pablo

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: fracture mograph
by on Oct 29, 2015 at 4:19:01 pm

Hi Pablo,

I think it would probably be pretty easy to write a Python or COFFEE script to automate the process for someone who's familiar with coding. Unfortunately that's not me.

There is an easy way to create simple scripts, however, which is good if you want to repeat multiple operations on a particular object. You just open the Script>Script Log and the Script>Script Manager windows. As you perform your actions they will appear in the Script Log. When you're done, copy the text in the script log and paste it over the text in the Script Manager. Then you can save it as a Script from there.

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