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Render/SS settings advice request

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Denzil Egan
Render/SS settings advice request
on Oct 6, 2015 at 3:41:56 pm
Last Edited By Denzil Egan on Oct 6, 2015 at 4:33:07 pm

Hi C4D friends! I am in need of some fairly urgent advice regarding my render settings, and would be very much appreciative of any advice at all. Thank you in advance!

The short description of my project is this: I have a single simple extruded text object with a 'silicon' texture (a texture I have modified from; see all texture screenshots below),'s 'Infinite Ocean' (v1.4), and my lights have been setup using's "The Illuminati" (an excellent and 'pay your own price' plugin!). I have 3 camera passes (each roughly 400 frames, 1200 frames total). The only keyframes in the project are camera positions as well as the position of the ocean (it rises slightly). I would probably be able to reduce frame count (I just need 4-5 seconds per camera pass), but the problem I am facing is that with my current settings, each [I]frame[/I] is taking 1-3 hours- yes, [B][I]HOURS[/I][/B]- to render. I have been trouble-shooting my render and project settings for a while now, including double checking texture, light, and environment settings, etc., but to no avail. I am simply trying to locate what is slowing everything down so much, and I am at a loss. There has got to be some way I can get this project down to at least 10-30 min./frame render time range, as I really don't think this is a very complex project. It should be noted that with the silicon texture (applied to the text object), there is a good amount of subsurface scattering going on, so, as I am fairly new to SS, that is my suspicion as to where everything is getting slowed down (in addition to that, I have used both the Infinite Ocean and Illuminati plugins before and never encountered this issue). I really like the results I am getting with the silicon texture, but at this point, I may have to abandon the texture altogether (assuming it is the culprit) and go with something that won't take hours per frame to render.

I am working on a pretty powerful late 2013 Mac Pro-

Here are my current project render settings:

Infinite Ocean settings:

Ocean/water texture settings:

Illuminati settings:

and finally, the silicon texture settings:


And here are a few screenshots of essentially what I am going for:

(sorry for the incomplete render)

So, as you can see, I have brought down my Ambient Occlusion to 5 min. samples and 50 max. samples, and 40% accuracy, and normally just that right there should speed things up significantly. I have also been adjusting anti-aliasing settings, as well as the Illuminati shadow maps and 'complexity' from the current 35% down to 5% with also no change.

I have a feeling what is wrong is just right under my nose... :banghead:

Please help, and once again, thank you in advance!!

Denzil E.

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Brian Jones
Re: Render/SS settings advice request
on Oct 6, 2015 at 6:26:44 pm

rule number one - it doesn't matter how much power you have you can always cripple your computer with the right settings, particularly in the textures.

You have AO system wide and it's not likely doing anything to your water (but it's trying to and you have a lot of polys there) Turn the system-wide AO off and use AO only in the silicon texture in the Diffusion channel.

The Transparency in the silicon doesn't make any sense to me as silicon (at least the white silicon you are going for) isn't transparent, I would disable it - it does have SSS but not transparency, in any case blurriness can be very expensive in render time.

I don't know about your water's thickness but Im guessing the the blurriness there in the Transparency isn't doing you any good, the blurriness in the Reflectance/Default Reflection (called Roughness probably) is the only thing I'm seeing in your renders so it's the only blurriness I would keep.

Try turning Blurriness off in the Render Settings/Options for a test render and see what that does to your render time.

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