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Camera mapping and texture UV relaxing

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Kristian Boruff
Camera mapping and texture UV relaxing
on Sep 17, 2015 at 11:19:43 pm


I'm wanting to camera map a shot, and UV unwrap the resulting geometry to do patching and cloning work in Photoshop or Bodypaint. I'm in R15.
My steps thus far.

1. Photoshop out all the separate layers with alpha masks and then paint clean plates behind everything I can see in 2D.
2. Mapped the camera and created the geometry
3. Applied all the layers and alphas in Projection man.
4. Created a new camera and whipped it around a bit to make sure everything sticks.

Now I'm at an impasse.

I've tried "Enable 3D paint" in Projection man. There are a few spheres in the scene and I notice that when I start cloning or 3d painting it appears to be doing some sort of symmetry on both sides. I trouble shoot and see that my UV projections's are set to "Frontal" from the Projection camera. So I have overlapping polygons and can't paint one side without hitting the other side. I try relaxing or switching projection types, but it adjusts the uv's without adapting the texture that is already in place so everything knocks out of place.

I try baking the texture and replacing the texture with the baked version. It appears correctly, but when I start to paint it, again, it has the same issue with the UV's being frontal from the projection camera. Again the UV's are set to Projection and changing them breaks texture.

So, is there a way I can paint all sides of the sphere using the camera mapped texture or the baked texture? Is there a way I can unwrap UV's on a textured object and have the texture distort accordingly?

I've tried hitting Generate UVW's and then relaxing those, but it does the same distortion when I relax the UV's or change the projection.

I see some people using Coverage Renders, but I'd like to make it more efficient to paint all sides of the sphere like a normal model instead of a bunch of projection cameras. Also, I just don't understand Coverage Renders well and last time I used them there were alpha overlapping issues all over the place.

Any ideas on how I can stick and then peel textures?

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Kristian Boruff
Re: Camera mapping and texture UV relaxing
on Sep 19, 2015 at 1:09:23 am

Coming back to update how I solved the issue. I found the "Bake Object" option. It didn't give me the cleanest polys, but at least nothing was overlapping anymore and I was able to paint on the model.

I think there should be someway to create the model, setup a nice UVW unwrap, create a blank material, and then projection paint the camera mapped image from the original projection camera. That way I could use basic camera mapping to quickly prototype the geometry, then peel it, then apply textures in a way I can manage.

If there is a more reasonable way to convert the polys and textures to better mapping, please let me know.

This is what it turned into:

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Alex Kuzelicki
Re: Camera mapping and texture UV relaxing
on Apr 9, 2019 at 1:49:09 pm

Hey Kristian,

I know it's been a long time since you posted this... but the Internet is forever, haha.

Was wondering if you eventually found a better solution to your problem? I've recently been trying to understand the whole Projection Man/Camera Mapping process and it's really hard to find a good, simple workflow.

Like you said, it should be just a simple process of applying the projected textures to the object(s) and then putting them either in Photoshop or Body Paint to clean up. Then reloading that new texture on top of the old. That makes perfect sense... but I've yet to figure out how to do it!

Would LOVE to know if you ever figured out an effective and straight-forward solution?

Cheers Kristian. ☺


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