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Strange artefacts by rendering (Camera movement) - Flickering

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Muaz NikolicStrange artefacts by rendering (Camera movement) - Flickering
by on Sep 16, 2015 at 12:26:22 pm
Last Edited By Muaz Nikolic on Dec 2, 2015 at 3:35:35 pm


I have a problem which I think has to do with render Settings. I am trying to do a scene where the camera is moving from one room to another and when I tried test renders (one frame/picture) everything seemed to be ok, so I rendered the animation and when I played it, it had strange artifacts/jitters nearby light source between every frame. If you look at the pictures (frames) separately they all seem ok. But when you play them one after another (or even scroll in a Picture Viewer between each other) you can see this problem. I really do not know how to fix it. I tried to Change several render settings but I am not managing to get any good result. In attachment I put a several renders so you could see what I am talking about. Thank you all in advance :)

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Cassius MarquesRe: Strange artefacts by rendering (Camera movement)
by on Sep 16, 2015 at 6:25:52 pm

You should search for "reducing GI flickering". Also you should probably change the primary mode off the IR (legacy).

But basicaly you need to have more or better sampling in your GI calculations.

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Muaz NikolicRe: Strange artefacts by rendering (Camera movement)
by on Dec 2, 2015 at 3:31:09 pm

Thank you on your answer.
I have researched for the problem of GI flickering in the animation and I have definitely learned a lot, but unfortunately I was not able to solve my problem. I have found this thread about: R15 GI Flickering ( and tried settings from there.
When I tried to use QMC /LM combination I got too grainy renders and if I try to avoid that by increasing Sample Count I got unbelievable long renders pro frame. The other method Irradiance Cache / Light Mapping seemed to give me better render/output results but at the end I still got flickers on the points where one object meets another (wall meets floor).

Here is an example of what I got (It is 2-3 sec video clip zoomed at the part where the flickers happens).

I really do not know what to do about this problem. Here are my setting for this video, hope that someone can tell me what should I tweak to get flicker free animation. Thanks in advance.



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