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Subdivide surface of extruded object / some clever work around

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Stuart Paciej
Subdivide surface of extruded object / some clever work around
on Jun 3, 2015 at 11:39:01 am


I have a vector map of europe, I have DEM elevation data, I have displacement maps and colour textures and shaders.

So you get mountains and valleys and it looks great.

This works great on a huge plane object with alphas for the sea or countries. What I don't have is a way of isolating this with geometry to be just for say, France.

So I want to lift France above the other countries with a small extrusion on the border.

BUT I want to be able to have the mountains and valleys on this separate object using a diplacer.

Any ideas? Please don't mention the bump map ;) also boole isn't working as the shapes are too complex.

Thanks for your time.

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Jordan Quackenbush
Re: Subdivide surface of extruded object / some clever work around
on Jun 8, 2015 at 3:40:14 pm

What about just separating the vector out for France (or whichever question) and making that a new object & applying textures/elevation to it? Then have one object for the map as a whole, but missing France?

I haven't done elevation stuff before, so I don't know if that would mess it all up or not. Additionally, you might be able to make the whole thing editable polygons & separate out France that way.

Jordan Q
If I'm posting a question, it means I've Googled it for far too long and couldn't find a solution/answer.

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Stuart Paciej
Re: Subdivide surface of extruded object / some clever work around
on Jun 10, 2015 at 6:07:47 pm

Back to answer the question for anyone else that might come across this:

Extrude or loft your spline path, but change the cap from NGons to quadrangles.

Tick regular grid and subdivide as you see fit

If you used extrude, make editable and take the Cap 1 object you just created.
If you used loft then it should just make a cap

Select all polygons and do a tiny tiny extrude inwards, like -0.001 or something. Now right click and use the extrusion tool and drag your newly created polys up and you'll have an extruded object with a subdivided cap

When you did step 4 you should have created a polygon selection tag called C1. Drag your displacement material on to the object and apply it only to the C1 selection.

Now add a displacement deformer and nest it under your object. Set the shading to the same channel as your material (e.g. I have my displacement image on the luminance channel) drag your texture tag that you applied in step 4 into the empty box under the displacer's shading channel.

Hey presto! Long winded I know.

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