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Best practice for moving tiles without clipping?

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Roland MerckleBest practice for moving tiles without clipping?
by on Apr 10, 2015 at 4:35:19 am

Hi all,

I'm working on a pet project based around the current season of formula 1, the first part im working on is a Position Leaderboard in which the tiles rearrange at the completion of each lap. I've looked around for a good portion of today and i'm not finding a solution to my problem.

Im attempting to make Tiles (with the racer's details on them) rearrange as each lap is completed. This wouldn't be in real-time, but rather rearranging at set intervals to mark the completion of a lap, as such all the tile movement would happen at the same time so it would be important to create paths where clipping doesn't occur, I used a circle as this seemed the easiest.

Ive managed to work out how to do a single rearrangement using Circle Spline attached to a Spline Effector, modifying a clone object with the help of some tutorials, but this method doesnt seem to allow 1 object to be moved along different splines individually

Has anyone got experience in this sort of tile rearrangement? What technique would you recommend?

Working File:

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Brian JonesRe: Best practice for moving tiles without clipping?
by on Apr 11, 2015 at 11:08:56 pm

you'd have to have a spline to follow for every possible move, it is possible to code the change from one path to another but it might not be worth the work to do all that setup rather than just render the moves you need - are you going to be having to render every possible move on the leader board or is it going to end up a lot less than that?

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Roland MerckleRe: Best practice for moving tiles without clipping?
by on Apr 12, 2015 at 3:15:47 am

The idea would be to update the standings at the end of each Lap, so for one race it would be about 50 different arrangement (minus any where no position change occurs - but that's pretty rare)

If i could tell the tile to detach from the path that is moving it once it has stopped that would be perfect, but because its going through a cloner and a bunch of other steps, it always just snaps back to it's base position.

I dont know what the terminology for this is but currently it is acting as though I am just projecting the tile onto the circle where I would like to actually attach it and have the Cloner and the Tile object move in real time so that when it reaches the end of one keyframe, i can detach it from the circle and then attach it to a new one.

Im not fully commited to using this method it was just the best i could find, if someone has a better method, im all ears.

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