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C4D Character Rigging Issues

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Ryan Achten
C4D Character Rigging Issues
on Feb 16, 2015 at 2:55:05 am

I am relatively new to C4D and 3D modelling in general so please excuse any obvious novice mistakes. I have recently encountered the opportunity to explore character animation for a project I'm working on, however I am experiencing issues with the character rigging and positioning process. I have watched a number of tutorials however I can't seem to resolve the issue on my own.

The first of these issues occurs once I have created the rig (using the advanced biped character rigs as per this tutorial) and bound the rig to my object, I have a lot difficulty being able to reposition the limbs of the model using the controller GUI elements in order to produce the animation.
I have a temporary workaround where, by using the controller objects with the Master_con+ (displayed in the object manager), I am able to control the position and rotation of the joints. Judging by the tutorials online this is a comparatively slow workflow and suggests there is something wrong with my setup.

Image of temporary workaround:

I have a feeling that this maybe due, in part at least, to the positioning of the controllers or perhaps I have constructed the rig in an incorrect manner; regardless I am unable to figure this out within our tight production schedule so some advice from those more accustomed would be greatly appreciated

The second issue has occurred a few times where, by closing the program either due to a program crash or closing the file intentionally, the binding between the mesh and the joint structure has been lost (by 'lost' I mean the animated skeleton in a C-motion walk cycle is no longer attached to the skin of the mesh and moves without the mesh layer). The prior positioning is retrieved when the character object is set to 'binding' however is lost once put back into 'animation'. I am at loss as to why this is occurring.

Image when set to bind:

Image when set to animate:

I have uploaded this scene to a dropbox link which can be retrieved here as the project file exceeds the max file size on Creative Cow's upload limit (957MB). Included here is a the project file and the backup from the last crash; both seem to be up to relatively up to date in terms of my latest changes. The main character I have been experimenting with is one labelled as 'Punch' however there is a second character on a hidden layer called 'Judy' which is providing similar issues. If there is any further information required on my workflow please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Ryan Achten, SOMA Media Design -

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