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Render animation gets a mess

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Danilo Silva de Almeida
Render animation gets a mess
on Feb 3, 2015 at 1:16:20 am

Hi, everyone! Glad to join the group.

I have a weird experience I couldn't find anything related to it.

I've done an animation in C4D and commanded to render it. After about 24 hours of render, I noticed that the green marks in each frame inside Picture Viewer list weren't all green. I got worried 'cause I couldn't see the grey marked frames anymore, at the beginning of the list. I stop the renderer and tried to save the entire sequence so far and I got a file with just the green marked frames. I noticed that I could mark the grey frames from the beggining by clicking on it, so I decided to export a new range of my animation to complete the sequence, but when I started to do it, everything got a mess! The sequence was broken in two pieces with a blank that was supposed to be ignored frames. My sequence turned the second half at first and the first half at last, but the last frame of it was lost, so I got a "jump" by joining both sequences. I couldn't fix the order of frames nor scale the range of preview frames in order to avoid the blanket.

I finally exported that single frame alone and joined all the stuff in Premiere, but it wasn't normal, was it? Why have it happened? What have I done?

Sorry my poor English. It's not my first language. If something isn't clear enough, please, let me know.

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Brian Jones
Re: Render animation gets a mess
on Feb 3, 2015 at 3:00:39 am

from the Help

R: Image information
- Green: cached
- Gray: not cached
- Orange: currently being rendered
- A/B: these images are currently being compared

if they are green it means they are in viewport memory (to be previewed), grey they are not in viewport memory but either way if you rendered the sequence with Save turned on, either as an image sequence or an animation file, the frames still get saved.
You can increase the ram for previews in the preferences (in the Memory tab) - but only if you have the ram to give it, if you use too much it can hurt the performance of everything else on the computer

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Danilo Silva de Almeida
Re: nder animation gets a mess
on Feb 3, 2015 at 9:20:25 am

Thanks. I've read the help content and tried to save the entire sequence, certifying that the 'not cached' were in the interval, but the frames were ignored. Or are you saying that I should to configure the renderer to save automatically after render job and not manually, as I did?

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