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Rigging Robot problem - constrain bone and elbow rotation

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Florence Roland
Rigging Robot problem - constrain bone and elbow rotation
on Jan 2, 2015 at 11:36:51 am

Hi !
I've been struggling at the searching of a solution I don't find. I'm quite new at rigging and don't understand all constrain subtleties yet, so I was wondering if someone could help me to find the way to do this.

I let you see two images of my work. I've been rigging the Robot you see here, and i've set up the objects in hierarchy with the bones.
I'm working on his Right Front Leg for now.
The first image shows how bones are laid out on the model. As you can see, I have a horizontal bone which correspond to the elbow, and the others aligned to the arm. There is an IK tag on the elbow bone, with as an end the last bone of the arm, just before the opposed fingers chains. I've added Goal. Pole only enable me to keep the leg in the orientation you see, it has no influence on the elbow..

The second image is showing you what I get when I move the goal.
What I actually would like to do is constrain the elbow to only rotate on perpendicular axis.
For that I've tried the Protection tag with Limit on rotation and locked position, but when I enable "Limit", The leg leaves its original position .
I've been trying the PSR constraint with a Null target which was therefore wearing assigned the protection tag with rotation limit, but in that case I'm confronted to some strange clamp problem when I rotate it in 1 direction, and didin't find solution to that neither. Anyway, it doesn't solve the locking of position of the elbow because when i move the goal, it's still going for a stroll, as if the PSR controll was not efficient whith IK instead of FK.

The other Thing I would like to do is that the arm should bend only and the elbow when I move the goal. I think this should be sold with a locked position Elbow, I will see when it will be solved...
Hope someone will see clearly into this thing..

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Cactus Dan
Re: Rigging Robot problem - constrain bone and elbow rotation
on Jan 26, 2015 at 9:17:19 pm


It's difficult to tell what the problem is without an example file to load into Cinema 4D.

But typically, it's not a good idea to try to constrain IK'd joints. The IK and then constraints then fight each other for control of the joints.

Cactus Dan

Cinema 4D R13 Prime

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