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Problem animating camera to follow balloon

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Kavon Zamanian
Problem animating camera to follow balloon
on Sep 17, 2014 at 12:09:01 am

I'm currently still fairly amateur at animation in C4D, and I'm having a frustrating problem with a simple animation I'm working on. It's a balloon that floats upwards through a cloud body at a consistent speed without any spline/bezier keyframes. I have a camera animated to follow the position of the balloon and slowly back away to a wider shot with a bit of downwards rotation as well. This is all fine and looks great, but after this is where the problem occurs. I want the balloon to float upwards out of frame a second or so before the camera stops, all smoothly. I'm probably missing something in my understanding of how C4D keyframes work, as I'm used to After Effects keyframing. I tried a few different methods for doing this:
1. Added a keyframe about 2/3 of the way between the original two (bottom and top) on the camera, then added a spline (tried ease in and ease out) to the last keyframe so that, ideally, the camera would begin slowing to a stop after the new keyframe I just added. This is the closest i got, but after that new keyframe the camera wiggles up and down once before the balloon goes out of frame. It looks really weird.

2. I tried the same thing with the balloon instead. Didn't work.

3. This time I tried adding time after the end of what I already have working. I went a few seconds after and moved the balloon up out of frame so that it would hold a similar speed and still pass out of frame when the camera stopped. This resulted in the balloon being out of frame for all but about 1 second of the animation instead of almost the entire thing, zipping by very quickly and disappearing from sight.

For some reason, every time I add a keyframe that shouldn't interfere with the ones I have already set, it seems to ruin everything anyway. I must be missing something. I can include a project file if necessary.
Thanks in advance

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Brian Jones
Re: Problem animating camera to follow balloon
on Sep 17, 2014 at 2:15:27 am

it would help to see the scene file

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