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Logo explodes into images

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Chris Tarroza
Logo explodes into images
on Jul 4, 2014 at 7:55:30 pm

I'm fairly new to C4D and I've spent the past couple days trying to create an animation and I'm just not getting the results I would like.

The idea is that you first see a 3D logo. It then explodes revealing a vast number of images that were "inside" the logo. Think of an explosion happing inside a candy-filled pinata, where the pinata is the logo and the candy inside are a bunch of images. So the logo explodes, a bunch of images are now flying through the air, but then the scene goes into slow motion and I do a camera move around all of the flying "debris" Matrix-style. Then it all goes in reverse and all the images start flying back together and you then see the logo being reformed.

I know I can use thrausi to fracture the logo and then animate an explosion using mograph. I've watched a bunch of tuts on creating the slow motion effect. I think I can find my way around those.

The main problem I have is the explosion of images. Speaking of which, I have A LOT of images. I'm talking hundreds of individual jpgs that need to be individual objects flying around as "debris". Is there an easier way to apply said jpgs onto their own objects? I sure hope I don't have to make hundreds of materials and apply each image, but I'm prepared for the worst!

As for the "explosion", I tried animating parameters of cloner object and random effector to make it seem like the objects are exploding outwards. I somewhat get the results I want, but the initial explosion just doesn't look right.

Does anyone know of a tut that I can follow or point me in the right direction on what to try? Is the cloner object the way to go or is there another way?


Freelance Video Editor and Motion Designer
Toronto, CAN

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Adam Trachtenberg
Re: Logo explodes into images
on Jul 5, 2014 at 3:42:36 pm

I would place the image planes inside of the logo using mograph. Set the cloner to object mode and then set the distribution to volume.

For the images you'll want to use a mograph multishader. The multishader gives you the option of selecting a folder of images, which are then auto-loaded into the shader. Place the shader on your cloner. You can either distribute the images by setting the shader's mode to Index Ratio, or you can leave it at default and use an effector (with color mode turned on) to sort the pics.

If you want to make it look more realistic you might want to check out the NitroBlast plugin, which is made by the same guy who wrote Thrausi. It's not free but it's a lot more powerful.

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Seth Olson
Re: Logo explodes into images
on Jul 8, 2014 at 7:33:00 pm

For the multiple images, I found this plugin to be invaluable.

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