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R15 Team Render Madness

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Brian Murphy
R15 Team Render Madness
on Mar 6, 2014 at 2:13:27 pm

Hey all, two questions...

1) I have three machines, one of them is a 12 core Mac Pro. This becomes my host machine for Team Render however, deep into a render, this machine will just forget about everything else except Cinema 4D. The Finder disappears, I can't switch applications, nothing shows up in the application switcher window and if I stop the render and try to save a file or move to another program, I get the beach ball of death and I can't get the machine back unless I power down and back up with the power button. I switched the host over to an 8 core and it did fine, no problems. Obviously something went wrong on the 12 core but it is a consistent problem. Anyone experience this or might know what to do to remedy? I've repaired permissions, dumped C4D's prefs and zapped P-Ram....nothing.

2) Using Team Render, I have a looping PNG sequence in my scene that I use in the displacement channel for a little trickle of water. Team Render did not like this and as I recall on one of the clients, there was an error loading it, however the render continued. The next morning when the render was completed, I played the rendered sequence and sure enough the water model using that png sequence not only looked like it was moving backwards but then it would repeat several frames, like a skipping CD would get stuck on a part of a song - basically, it was quite messed up.
Anyone know anything about using animation or image sequences in a texture that Team Render doesn't play nice with?


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Michael Tailor
Re: R15 Team Render Madness
on Mar 31, 2014 at 12:21:07 am

First be sure you use a wired network (i am just say'in this over and over in case other people read this as well). Back to Topic: If the 12-core should render as well go to the prefs and reduce the number of cores in the TR Prefs by one. I recommend to install the TR client on the host machine and uncheck the local machine instead - so you have two different processes (c4d and 1x tr client). The benefit in your scenario: If the client crashes your host c4d is still running.

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