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Bunch of Questions.

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Ryan Phillips
Bunch of Questions.
on Feb 19, 2014 at 9:07:08 pm

Hey everyone! I'm currently aspiring to be an animator. (Minecraft Animations like CaptianSparklz) I just downloaded Cinema 4D about a week or two ago so i'm still learning alot of things. Here are a few problems I have been having and hope you can help!

My first question is, How do I go back to an animation I have been working on if I open a new one? Say I am working on an animation and get bored so I open up a new one to play around with. How do I get back to the old one? Because If I close out of cinema 4D it closes the first one then appears on the second one asking if I want to save.

Second question, When I move my character a really far ways then key frame, Then try to make him move a little distance he will rubber band forwards then back to the place I moved him to. Omost like a sliding effect. Its very annoying since I need my character in different scenes so he rubber bands.

Now for my main question. Say I want to make an explosion and minecraft blocks fly everywhere. I can make them have dynamics and land on a area. My question is how do I time Dynamics? How Do I make something be able to collide with other objects But I am able to key frame it myself. Or time the explosion (Or other dynamic thing) To go off at the right time.

Now for my final question. How do I add my own object in and save it as a file I can open into my animations. For exsample how would I build a minecraft car, Texture it, and save it so I can open it another time?

(I apologize for my spelling and my Inexperience to this. Im only 15 xD)

Thanks for reading and your help!


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Brian Jones
Re: Bunch of Questions.
on Feb 20, 2014 at 4:50:27 pm

[Ryan Phillips] "How do I go back to an animation I have been working on if I open a new one?"

bottom of the Window menu has the open projects listed - choose one to go to it. Or hit the 'V' key and choose from the Projects menu at the bottom of the menus that pop up.

[Ryan Phillips] "he will rubber band forwards then back to the place I moved him to"

you need to learn about the FCurve mode of the Timeline and how to change keyframes so the curve is the right shape for the movement you need.

[Ryan Phillips] "how do I time Dynamics?"

in the Dynamics Body tag Dynamics tab change the Trigger to On Collision if something hits it, to At Velocity Peak to use an effector to set the dynamics off or leave Trigger at Immediately and keyframe Enabled in the Dynamics tab

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