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is this a good computer for rendering only?

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Thomas Pascavageis this a good computer for rendering only?
by on Nov 25, 2013 at 7:05:10 am

im overpowering my hp envy I bought a while back. it has an i7 3930k 3.20ghz quad core processor and 10gb ram. im now looking for a major upgrade and am considering a legitimate hp workstation instead of just a high performance desktop for rendering(I wouldn't completely decommission my desktop, ill still use it to build scenes and objects). the reason I ask is because even without GI and AO its putting out 20 minutes/frame render times and I don't have that kind of time to waste. that's literally 5 hours render time for 4 seconds of animation. so now to the juicy part. the prospect:

hp z series(not sure which one yet)
xeon-e5-2690 10 core 3.30ghz
NVidia Quattro 6000 6gb graphics card
32 gb ddr ram

then the standard storage stuff, I know that stuff doesn't matter since I clean up after myself when I convert frames to video plus I have a few tb of storage already.

my question is, will it work? I read online that its a server processor and I have no clue how that impacts a non internet required computer. I don't even facebook on my work computer. I know about more cores equaling better, it more than doubles what im currently using, but the ghz is only slightly higher. and if it will make that much of a difference, would it be wise to double up on the components and get dual xeons for 20 cores and dual or even upto quadrupal cards for 12-24gb graphics? and also, whats the difference between registered ram and unbuffered as far as c4d goes?

I ask these things to you guys instead of just googling for hours because im a dedicated creative cow user, and also we work in a niche section of computers that the majority of the internet has no clue about. I ask these things specifically pertaining to optimally operating c4d and the adobe creative suite though my current desktop handles adobe stuff like a pro. 20mins/frame is simply too long though, especially since that's just rendering a scene with a physical sky, hair for grass(culling included), and low poly homes with no character animation, GI, AO, or cloth.

thanks in advance and im sure im asking the right people. you guys are super pros at this kind of stuff.

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: is this a good computer for rendering only?
by on Nov 25, 2013 at 4:25:07 pm

If it's just for rendering there's absolutely no reason to spend money for a high end video card. Stick a $100 NVidia or ATI card in there.

In terms of render speed, it's a combination of core speed and the number of cores. Here's a good source for determining the render speed of various systems in Cinema:

That said, I'm not sure why your renders are so slow on your current machine. Might be that you could optimize things on the Cinema end.

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Thomas PascavageRe: is this a good computer for rendering only?
by on Nov 25, 2013 at 5:04:23 pm

thanks again adam. you've been the biggest help here in the c4d section. im so glad you mentioned that because now I will do exactly that and not worry about graphics cards. you just saved me a ton because the z series supports up to 4 graphics cards and I was really about to fill them all up. also I had looked at that exact page prior to asking you guys and I wasn't sure if I should take it at face value due to the simplistic breakdown of everything but I guess simple works to my benefit in this case.

that being said, do you think its worth the money to drop 2 processors in there? simple logic says double the cores= double the output but I just want to be sure before dropping that kind of money into it. these are over 1000 dollar processors so its really expensive.

and id gladly send you the file to look over it if you'd like. its pretty large compared to what I usually work with(142MB) but its an entire scene with one of the homes being fully furnished since that's where the characters will be going into. theres 2457 objects, and 887423 polygons. it is worth noting however that some of the objects are just primitives used as the pieces to the object as a whole. I refrained from converting them because im under the belief that primitives are easier to render since theyre generated via equations and not points/polys

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