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cloner rendering problem : "out of memory"

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crasse deuxcloner rendering problem : "out of memory"
by on Aug 3, 2013 at 5:39:42 pm

Hi there !

I'm trying to render a scene but everytime I start rendering, when it come to frames around 300/310 it stops and give me error "out of memory".

I investigate a bit my problem so here is some details I got :

- first, i'm not even "rendering", i'm just trying to export in software mode ( so i got just wires on grey background, as in c4d interface ) I always do that to check if camera and animated stuff act correctly. this way, The export time is always around 1 sec max per frame ( a bit more with clothes, soft body etc... anyway).

- in my current scene, I got some simple meshes, no Hypernurbs (i'm working on something "lowpolied" look ) 3 clothes coming with their cloth nurbs, and one cloner.

- the problem definitively come from the cloner, when i switch it off, the scene is rendered/exported rightly. ( the cloner is animated ,clones go from 0 to 200 within frames 300 to 350 )

- here is my computer specs :
i7 860
8GB ram
win 7
C4d R14 (x64)

nothing tremendous, but i'm not in a rush so I can wait for the export, i just want it to be done (even if take 5 days) ^^

- so, to come to the problem, I monitored a bit c4D while it was trying to export the scene with the cloner. During the other part of the scene, frames take 1 minute to export ( due to clothes I think ) and C4D use around 500 to 700 MB ram.
But when it come to the cloner, frame export time go to 4 minutes or more, and ram usage just increase, and doesn't stop until ram is full I guess ( just before error, I monitored ram usage at 5.8 GB ! °-° ) and increase from 700 MB to 5.8 GB just within 3 frames (after those 3, error come up...) and I'm not even exporting image with textures !
I don't even understand how this software manage to store around 1 GB of data directly in RAM just calculating one single non-textured frame...

I tried to low down clones number to 30 at max, but still got this problem. My clones are little mesh, no Nurbs, and I put on them using xpresso, so giggling animation; that's all.

I don't know here, which one is not doing his work properly with RAM, C4D or Win7, but it's really frustrating to not be able to render something, i know that 3D needs time to render, but not been able to be rendered, that's unfair T_T (joking)

anyway, does anybody has a clue about a way to solve this problem ?

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: cloner rendering problem : "out of memory"
by on Aug 3, 2013 at 5:45:16 pm

Hard to say what the source of the problem is without seeing the file, but I would recommend turning on render instances in the cloner to reduce memory use.

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crasse deuxRe: cloner rendering problem : "out of memory"
by on Aug 3, 2013 at 5:51:04 pm

Thanks for the quick answer ! :)

that's a great idea, I didn't even thought to check those cloner parameters ! I'll try it and feedback here as soon as it's done.

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crasse deuxRe: cloner rendering problem : "out of memory"
by on Aug 3, 2013 at 8:34:56 pm

Back here, I'm rendering and it works !! thanks a lot Adam ! I didn't really knew this check box about rendering as instances in cloner (as i never got this probleme before so I never checked out what it was), but it seems to be quite useful with big cloners (and "small" computers ^^)

thanks again !

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