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image animation sequence stutter, 25fps

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Tim Nijland
image animation sequence stutter, 25fps
on Jun 13, 2013 at 8:29:00 pm


i have rendered an image sequence animation (TIFF 16bit) in cinema 4d with 25fps.
I need 25fps because i'am shooting in PAL.
I use after effects to render it out and make some adjustments to the animation. (Quicktime-H264)
But when i playback (even in the preview window of AE) when the camera speeds up, it starts to stutter a little. It just doesn't look professional.

I think all my settings are correct. In C4D i rendered out in 25fps, i import the sequence in AE and set the correct 25fps 'enterpret footage'.
But still it is stuttering a little, the movement is just not smooth.

I don't have any motion blur because it triples my render time and i'am using RSMB (AE-plugin) for that.
Frame Blending makes it a little bit better, but still stuttering.
I don't think it is a playback problem on my pc either, i have rendered it out in low resolution, and with no success.

Am i missing something here? Because when i see an animation on TV it runs smoothly, which is also in 25fps. And i do not wanna work with interlace.

Here is the link of the first scene of my render. The stuttering is in the beginning, where the speakers are entering the screen. (Quicktime-H264, no AE plugin Motion Blur or Frame Blending) (Download the file for better quality)

Can someone advise me?..

(srry for my english)

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Tim Nijland
Re: image animation sequence stutter, 25fps
on Jun 14, 2013 at 9:18:47 am


What i know so far;

In Cinema4D the project settings frame rate is standard 30fps.
You can render it out in 25fps but the project settings will still be 30fps.
The problem is when you start animating and you didn't adjust your project settings to 25fps, the frames are not correct, and start to stutter a little in random places. My mistake was, i adjusted the fps in the project settings from 30fps to 25fps AFTER my animation (beacause i thought it was already on 25fps). The timeline is shifting and my keyframes are not on a whole frame anymore! So you end up with some half keyframes in random places.
You have to adjust your settings before you start animating!! :)

The seven second rule for 25fps (i didn't even know it existed)
Basically what they say, is when an object passes (the camera) from left to right under seven seconds it is to fast for the 25fps to pick it up and it's certainly going to stutter.
The only thing you can do to cover it up, is to use Motion Blur.

Never render compressed animations in After Effects. I always thought Adobe programs used the same codecs. But render a sequence or an Animation, then bring it to Premiere Pro, Quitime Pro or whatever you use to compress your media.

After doing this my 'stuttering' was almost gone and i only need to put some Motion Blur on it. But i am doing that in Post whit RSMB AE plugin.

So, this is what i found out, hopefully this is going to help some people, who are experiencing the same problem.

(and for the experts, correct me if i'am wrong)

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Stephan Walfridsson
Re: image animation sequence stutter, 25fps
on Jun 14, 2013 at 1:32:45 pm

The stuttering is normal and is caused by the speed of the pan. It's more prominent when there is no motionblur.

Check out this Adobe knowledgebase article for more info:
Especially the two sections Camera Technique and Critical Speed.


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