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Aliasing Texture & Model Glitch on certain angle

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jay ingles
Aliasing Texture & Model Glitch on certain angle
on May 14, 2013 at 3:04:10 pm

Hi, I've got 2 main problems i can't solve (and another "slow GI" question):

1. I'm running into some undesired artifacts and am not sure how to resolve them. For some reason when the film strip is flying towards camera additional artifacts appear.
- Is it to do with the cloner object merging points?
- is my model made poorly?

2. The boxes are a product shot and when i render out at high resolution i get aliasing flickering on the sides of the boxes where fine lines in the artwork exist. (I've removed the artwork from packaging for copyright reasons)
- should i blur the artwork slightly in photoshop?
- compositing tag force AA 4x4? (currently best 2x2)
- other ideas?

Lastly, my render times for GI with "low" settings and "full camera qmc" it takes +4h on my i7 3.2ghz / 32gb Ram for 100 frames. And at "Medium" GI (stochastic/record density) it was prepassing for 7 hours before i stopped it!
I know GI is slow but am i doing something glaringly wrong?


Thanks in advance!

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Cassius Marques
Re: Aliasing Texture & Model Glitch on certain angle
on May 16, 2013 at 12:45:09 pm

1: I believe its a combination of your geometry and it's transparency. If you see your mesh from bellow it shows that same lines.

2: I'd say try the physical renderer.

And sorry about the late response. Tell us if you got it sorted out anyway.

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jay ingles
Re: Aliasing Texture & Model Glitch on certain angle
on May 17, 2013 at 6:21:14 pm

Thanks for getting back to me Cassius.

You're right about the geometry. I needed to erase the top and bottom caps on the single film plane. As well i also welded the side planes more cleanly so that they weren't a triangulated mess.

Could you reco any tips on using the physical renderer (given my scene)? I've completed tutorials and tested projects but am intimidated as it always increases my times so much that its unusable.


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