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SPD and HN questions

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Juan CarrerasSPD and HN questions
by on Mar 17, 2013 at 6:35:57 pm

I have a few questions related to subdividing geometry:

1.- When rendering with displacement, does SPD affects equally the whole geometry or is it adaptive and it subdivides more or less as needed to suit the texture ?

So if I set my SPD to 2 subdivisions, is the whole object subdivided by 2?
At the moment when I deform the areas around a ship on the ocean with a proximal shader with displacement or directly with a displacer it is quite slow, so I wonder if the SPD subdivides the whole ocean or only the areas where the displacement occurs.

2.- Is hypernurbs the only way to control subdivisions when applying a deformer or is there a SPD-like method?

The reason I'm asking is because I just came across an awesome free plug-in

and it seems to be my dream solution for my ocean scenes when I need to deform areas of the sea around my ships for hull generated waves etc.

It does essentially what Realflow hypermesh used to do which was sadly dropped a couple of releases ago,( not sure why) i.e. it subdivides dynamically the mesh as needed only within the viewable area of your camera.

The plugin is supposed to be a deformer of some sort so I wonder if there is a way to subdivide only affected areas in a regular deformer that I'm not aware of .... For example if I deform a plane with a sphere using say the collision deformer I will need a hypernurbs to smooth out the deformation (unless I have enough segments in my plane from the start) but this will affect the whole plane creating a lot of unneeded polygons in the areas not affected by the deformer.

I would appreciate some ideas.

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: SPD and HN questions
by on Mar 18, 2013 at 2:19:35 am

1. SPD subdivides the whole mesh. It's not adaptive.

2. I'm not familiar with the plugin but it looks interesting. Generally I would deal with these situations by manually subdividing the polgons in the areas that I know will need the extra resolution. This also works for SPD.

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Juan CarrerasRe: SPD and HN questions
by on Mar 18, 2013 at 2:21:18 am

Thank you Adam.
It is definitely a very useful plugin.

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