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45 degree elbow for HVAC ducting - a few questions

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Butch Golden45 degree elbow for HVAC ducting - a few questions
by on Mar 16, 2013 at 11:47:57 pm

Just breaking into 3D architectural design and trying to recreate the old ductwork of an industrial-look interior of an office building.

I have hit a snag with the 45° elbows. Could use some guidance on how to arrive at the proper dimensions of the sections of the elbow that would be 'atonomically' correct and maybe a tip on how to finish the ends with what I 'think' would be called fillets at the end that fits into a section of pipe. (Lack of proper terminology is a bummer huh')

I really like being as techically accurate as possible and not just deform cylinders - minus caps. I'd be cheating myself out of a great experience learning this craft.

Any info would be vastly appreciated.


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Brian JonesRe: 45 degree elbow for HVAC ducting - a few questions
by on Mar 17, 2013 at 12:18:15 pm

you can sweep a circle along a spline with a Sweepnurb and then use the Scale in the Details tab of the Sweepnurb to give the flares etc you need.
You can also model the duct straight (putting in the details you need) then bend it into place using a SplineWrap or use a bend deformer after the fact with these probably using a HyperNurb to smooth.

It all depends on the detail you really need and how close you are going to get to it with a camera, it can also be done with cylinders without caps and a texture to give apparent detail that renders a lot faster than real detail... or a combination, you could sweepnurb using the scale detail to get the narrowing to go into the next duct section but use a texture for the rest of the detail etc. etc. etc.

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Butch GoldenRe: 45 degree elbow for HVAC ducting - a few questions
by on Mar 17, 2013 at 4:32:12 pm

Hi Brian
S'cuse my improper thinking. I was apparently supposed to say a 90° elbow and 'flutes' instead of fillets.

I won't get that close with a cam for the most part but do want to understand all the technical aspects that I can. In that regard and if needed, knowing how to make the fluted end look like it's supposed to is another thing to tackle.

On my own I figured out cylinders without caps and tried a 'Bend' deformer and can almost get what I'm looking for but your suggestions will probably get me a whole lot closer to realism. I'll give them a go.

Many thanks for the reply.

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