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Spline Point position with Xpresso

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Richard QuinnSpline Point position with Xpresso
by on Oct 2, 2012 at 8:33:23 pm


I am doing a lot of camera moves over a map and rather than just having one spline with an align to spline tag, I wanted to break it up so the job becomes more manageable if I need to change any part of it without it effecting the rest.

I have been trying to create a bit of xpresso so that the index point of the end of my first spline is the same as the starting index point of the second spline, but I cannot get it to work?

So basically if I move any of the splines they stay attached even though they are separate.

I know I could do it manually by copying the coordinates but xpresso would make the job a lot less painful.

Any help as to where I am going wrong with my xpresso would be really appreciated.

Here is my file:



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Brian JonesRe: Spline Point position with Xpresso
by on Oct 3, 2012 at 4:04:29 pm

You have a lot of options you may just be trying to solve it the hard way but I don't understand what you want to happen. Are you looking to have the camera move down one of the splines then jump to the next one at some point?

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Richard QuinnRe: Spline Point position with Xpresso
by on Oct 5, 2012 at 4:15:02 pm

Hi Brian,

Yes, I am supplying my client with one continual animation made up of 15 camera moves.

The reason for using 15 different cameras is that they keep wanting the moves of the camera to be changed and also the duration the camera takes to travel in different areas of the animation.

If I use one spline and the align to spline whenever I lengthen or shorten it it will effect the rest of the camera move and I have a lot of keyframed rotation and target nulls.

But the problem doing it my way is that when I move for example the end of spline for camera 1 I then have to copy all the coordinates for the start of spline 2.

So I just wondered if the index points of different splines could be attached in some way using xpresso so I don't have to keep coping the coordinates if I move a spline. So almost like a chain of splines.



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