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C4D Saved Materials Textures Over My Psd Files ! Heeeelp ! :O

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adam coronetC4D Saved Materials Textures Over My Psd Files ! Heeeelp ! :O
by on Sep 7, 2012 at 3:51:50 pm

Ok, I'm about to kill myself. Here is what happened.

I had a city scene, with buildings, etc, all nicely texturized. Went into UV edit mode, tried unwrapping some of the pavement then changed my mind, so I just went back and all the textures of the other buildings where now horribly wrong, but I didn't notice. There were also some new materials I didn't create, so I deleted them. When I was quitting c4d I was asked if I wanted to save the project materials and I said yes. I usually don't copy the textures into its file path, just keep all my psd files in a separate folder.. too bad c4d saved over them and they're now like 10x10 pixels.
I have no photoshop temp files and, of course, no access to history since it wasn't even open when it happened; I'm running file recovery now but doubt it will help.

What the hell. One would assume c4d wouldn't save .psd files.. this guy just wants to do it all by itself. I'm very, very frustrated. Have I really lost all my textures ?

Also, I'm wondering why sometimes c4d just switches to new projects on its own, like my original project is building.c4d, I keep doing my stuff and suddenly realize I'm actually working on building2.c4d . After a while, it's building3.c4d . Why ?????

*bangs head against wall*

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: C4D Saved Materials Textures Over My Psd Files ! Heeeelp ! :O
by on Sep 7, 2012 at 7:44:19 pm

The texture files shouldn't have been overwritten unless you actually loaded and changed them. Not sure what happened there.

As far as the project name changing, it sounds like you've set up an automatic incremental save ... which I didn't even think was possible. Are you possibly hitting "incremental save" instead of "save"? Do you have the auto-save feature turned on in preferences?

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adam coronetRe: C4D Saved Materials Textures Over My Psd Files ! Heeeelp ! :O
by on Sep 7, 2012 at 11:51:30 pm

Thanks for your answer :)
I've given up on recovering my textures but I'd still like to figure out what happened and try to avoid it next time *duh*

So, I shouldn't have gotten into bodypaint after having already applied textures to part of the stuff, right ? The overwriting thing is a mystery. I swear, it wrote over .psd files, which turned from MBs to KBs. It asked if I wanted to save the project, I said no, and then if I wanted to save the materials; do you have any experience with this ? Where would it usually save materials ?

Autosave was turned off *duuuuh* and I've been saving normally. I checked the command list and save is still cmd+s, no shortcut for incremental saving. But to be honest it only happened in that occasion.

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WomRecords VideomakingRe: C4D Saved Materials Textures Over My Psd Files ! Heeeelp ! :O
by on Feb 10, 2014 at 6:26:59 pm

I just had the same problem, C4D blanked some textures I painted with bodypaint, (and then obviously saved in a psd file), I did have autosave activated but it was useless anyway since psd textures are not saved automatically by cinema 4d, I was working with bodypaint with another texture on another object, when i finished I found out C4D blackened 3 textures I did a few hours before.
Now after several curses and hours of work lost I gave up on retrieving my textures, but I'd only like to know what went wrong inside the program...

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