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Export issue with imported .jpg / .mov sequence

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August WinkelmanExport issue with imported .jpg / .mov sequence
by on Aug 12, 2012 at 6:41:58 am

Heres my issue:

When I import a .jpg sequence to use as a material on a plane object, the final export of the .jpg sequence is blurry while the 3D text is fine )

I imported an AE sequence using The Foundry 3D camera tracker and that worked flawlessly.

When I export the .tiff sequence out of C4D, my original flawless .jpg sequence ( I shot on a 5Dmkiii ) becomes blurred while the 3D text is fine.

In short Im looking for a workaround or fix to:

- Having 3D text cast shadows in the foreground in my clip ( without having to export the time lapse sequence again from C4D and just composite the alpha text .mov over the original time lapse footage that is NOT blurred. )
- Fixing the blur that happens to the .jpg sequence imported


Any help is much appreciated, I'm quite quite frusterated.

-Gus W.

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Brian JonesRe: Export issue with imported .jpg / .mov sequence
by on Aug 13, 2012 at 3:39:25 am

more info please, is the imported sequence a .jpg still sequence or is it a .mov sequence (implying it may have been compressed from a set of jpegs (losing quality) - your subject line says both. How is it applied in C4D? on a background? if not what? What is the Sampling used for the imported .jpg (or .mov)?

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August WinkelmanRe: Export issue with imported .jpg / .mov sequence
by on Aug 13, 2012 at 8:14:32 am

Thanks for the response, it is a .jpg sequence ( of stills ) in a .mov file ( ProRess422LT )

The time lapse .jpg sequence was applied to a plane for accurate compositing, all 3D camera data brought in from After Effects using The Foundry 3D Camera tracker.

As far as "what sampling was used" I'm not familiar with that unfortunately, I am relatively new to C4D.

I found a workaround however,

I render two seperate times using the multipass feature

- One with the background (.jpeg sequence ) so my shadow mulitpass layer will show up in the alpha layer / shadow multipass

- one without the background (.jpg sequence ) to use for compositing

Than I just bring in the shadow pass from the export that had the plane set to render and use that pass to finalize my composite.

I always seem to be missing my shadow multipass layer somehow and they wont show up on my foreground unless I have my background / plane object set to render as well.


Gus W.

In the future I would like to be able to render my .jpg sequence out of cinema 4D and not lose quality or color. ( Just noticed that the color changed as well when I had used my Plane object with my .jpg sequence on the material.

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Brian JonesRe: Export issue with imported .jpg / .mov sequence
by on Aug 13, 2012 at 10:30:47 pm

just import the stills as an image sequence not as a .mov since 422 (LT) is compressing the data and losing quality.

color change might be happening if you didn't remove the specular channel of the material you used but other than that are you working in the same color space in C4D and AE?

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