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Duplicating and deforming splines to geometry

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Brian Smith
Duplicating and deforming splines to geometry
on Feb 22, 2012 at 5:27:39 pm

Hey everybody-

A client has asked me to figure out how to wrap 3d text out of a pattern. I considered using the pattern in the alpha channel of a material and use UV mapping, but they need this to be made out of geometry.

Think of it as creating a shape out of a pattern.

I need to tile a small pattern made out of a spline over the geometry of some extruded text, then sweep the splines and delete the internal geometry.

"Spline Project" gets close, but it doesn't wrap around the back of the letters.

Any ideas? Let me know if you need more clarification on something.

Here's a spline if you need a pattern to test with. Merge it into your scene with mm set as the scale and connect+delete the four splines together.


Reference image of pattern.

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Brian Jones
Re: Duplicating and deforming splines to geometry
on Feb 23, 2012 at 12:18:52 am

I'm assuming the pattern should look evenly spaced on all faces and not be squished on some faces and that the patterns must match at the edges that join faces. -- I think anything like what you are trying to set up has to be purpose built to the application or you will have difficulties matching the parts together as they turn around the corners going from face to face of the object. Try taking the png reference file (3dtruchet.png) and in an empty scene drop in a cube and make a material using the png in the color channel. Drop that onto the cube, it will use UVW mapping by default and it will look perfect (just for matching edge to edge anyway) now make the cube smaller in any one dimension, the texture 'squeezes' to fit - it matches at the edges still but it doesn't look the same along that axis. Now if you return the cube to being a cube again and change the texture's mapping to be cubical that too will look perfect until you make the cube not cubical but this time the pattern stays still and looks good but the edges don't match.
If you want preserved pattern and matching face edges I think the various face's patterns need to be built for the individual shape they are on. Unless I'm not understanding and assuming someone hasn't built a plugin to do just that

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