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Can't export some of the lights on my scene onto an .aec file

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David CabestanyCan't export some of the lights on my scene onto an .aec file
by on Feb 9, 2012 at 10:06:56 pm

I have a scene with one camera and several lights, some of them are part of the GSG light kit pro, and there is a couple of regular lights that are inside a null attached to a car, the lights are in the position of the headlamps, and it is my intention to export them to AE in order to modify their properties over there and link them with an Optical Flare or a Trapcode Lux effect.

However, every time I saved the aec file and imported it into AE, there's only one light on the composition, the overhead soft box, all the rest are missing, I don't really care about the other soft boxes and ring lights I added, but the ones attached to the headlamps are important for my scene, I tried adding small cubes instead and adding an external compositing tag to them, but they came into AE off position, not sure why.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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David CabestanyRe: Can't export some of the lights on my scene onto an .aec file
by on Feb 10, 2012 at 5:53:50 am

So after some trial and error I found out what my two issue were.

1. I turned on show illumination and turned off no illumination for both lights, they now appear on my aec file, but since i don't want to see the light they are emanating i added a compositing tag to each of them so the camera doesn't see them.

2. i figured out why the lights were coming in an off position, but i haven't figured out how to keep them in the right position while the car is visible, let me explain: the camera is traveling on a spline and a rail is keeping its position so it doesn't flip when it turns, however by following this "dolly" approach, the car was getting out of frame at some portions, so i animated the film offset, both x and y, and just realized that the aec file can't compensate for that.

any ideas on how i can keep the lights on its position as well as the car in frame for the whole sequence?

thanks in advance.

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