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C4D tutorial query ??????

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Tony DoveC4D tutorial query ??????
by on Feb 1, 2012 at 1:06:09 am

hi all .
The problem is for some help with Cinema 4D R11.5

The thing is on this certain video tutorial that Jannis Labelle made for version R9 ,"( that i've been following for ages which is named "Character Development Cinema 4D R9 and Mocca 2" ) , In the objects menu along the top of the screen , he had somehow in the OBJECTS menu had a custom made menu under the sound menu (which usually resides at the bottom of the list) called (OBJECT LIBRARY and he had a series of custom made splines for use in rigging (which i thought was a fantastic idea !!, but when i tried to do the same ,i could not find out how to :(  ) so here is my problem .. in the tutorial it says to go to
"Program FilesMaxonCinema4DR9Libraryobject "
to place the said custom splines in ..
but heres the thing!! Cinema 4D R11.5 does not have the "object" file in the library file.. so i do not know how i would go about doing this!! :(
how this can be done in the version which i have which is R11.5 ?? as it would help and quicken up my workflow .. i would also like to thank jannis for getting me hooked on this awesome great program :) ****** "5stars!!"
any help by anyone would be greatly appreciated!! thank you all .


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Adam TrachtenbergRe: C4D tutorial query ??????
by on Feb 1, 2012 at 4:38:17 am

As you discovered, that function has been removed. But you can store commonly used objects in the Content Browser's presets folder.

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Tony DoveRe: C4D tutorial query ??????
by on Feb 1, 2012 at 8:24:20 pm

thank you adam for such a quick response! :)
how do you go about storing the so called objects into the content browser presets folder ?? (i cant seem to locate the preset folder in the maxon directory)
could you shed any light on this thank you . :)

Tony .

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: C4D tutorial query ??????
by on Feb 2, 2012 at 5:02:11 am

You need to open the content browser window which you can find in Cinema's main "Window" menu (there's also a toolbar icon). It's like a built-in Finder or Explorer that can display Cinema and various other types of thumbnails.

By default it has a presets folder. You can add subfolders to that for your own content. Saving objects there is as simple as dragging them from the Object Manager into your presets folder. Note that the included contents preset folders are locked, so you can't add to those.

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