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Sketch/Toon question.

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Paul JohnsonSketch/Toon question.
by on Jan 19, 2012 at 8:15:54 am

First up, a disclaimer. I'm not a 3D modeller, sadly. My knowledge ends at navigating the workspace, rotating around models and rendering things out.

In my spare time I'm animating a 2D space battle sequence, with bridge shots, pilot reactions and whatnot. Drawing Star Destroyers frame by frame in traditional animation is of course an insane prospect that would need a whole studio to do. That said, I do want it to look hand drawn, like these glorious things:

SO! My idea is this. Get a Star destroyer model, apply the Sketch & Toon filter so it comes out just as black and white lines, and then hand shade that, traditional 2D style. This technique works really well for simple geometry like Daleks, I've found (see attached pic).
I've been successfully animating Daleks in 3D and shading them by hand. The result is really smooth movement and still retains a kind of hand drawn look because of the shading being done by hand, frame by frame.

The trouble with a Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter etc is that the models people have made are naturally uber detailed. So when I render out as just black and white lines the results are... well.. have a look at the image. Just a mass of lines.

So my question is this! Does anyone have any ideas? Or is it possible to grab a fairly low-detail Star Destroyer model (say, no hull details or anything. just smooth basic shape), which I could then colour and shade tradtitionally?

Thanks for your time!

Paul J

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Adam TrachtenbergRe: Sketch/Toon question.
by on Jan 20, 2012 at 3:25:32 pm

Sketch & Toon has a lot of controls you can use to ... uh ... fine toon this. I'd start by trying the different line types in the sketch effects tab. Then you can get quite specific by adjusting the line width and opacity in the sketch material. In this case you could clear a lot of the clutter by using the length parameter, e.g. to make the shorter lines very thin and transparent, if not altogether transparent.

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Pedro GordinhoRe: Sketch/Toon question.
by on Jan 25, 2012 at 1:10:07 pm

Hello, I was wondering if you know of a way to make a render in c4d and then using sketch and toon to achieve a look like if it was made in a zx spectrum?. Im trying to achieve that 8 bit look but I don't seem to manage that. Do you know if there is a plugin or some kind of preset to do this effect?. I love pixel art and Im trying to do a video game using 8 bit graphics but because I dont know on how to draw very good, I use c4d and Im trying to make the renders look like 8 bit but I cant. Can you help, please?. Thank you very much.

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